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#3061556 Transponder Maps: Domestic ~ Data 10/19/2016

Posted by Gary Toma on 26 December 2012 - 04:47 PM

TPN Map For Directv Latin America Satellites

@ 95W: G3C, DLA1, DLA2

TPN Map For Directv SKY Mexico Satellites

@ 58W: IS21

@79W: SKY-M1


TPN Map For Directv Domestic Satellites

@95W: G3C

@ 99W: SW2, D11, D14

@101W: D4S, D8, D9S

@103W: SW1, D10, D12, D15

@110W: D5

@119W: D7S


  • MPEG4 channels have the channel Name shaded Blue
  • MPEG4 channels transporting 4K content have the channel Number shaded Red
  • MPEG4 channels transporting HD content have the channel Number shaded Blue
  • MPEG4 channels transporting SD content have the channel Number shaded Green
  • MPEG2 channels transporting SD content are un-shaded with the channel name and number in a smaller font

Puerto Rico

  • December 17, 2012, Puerto Rico began the transition from Directv Latin America (DLA), to Directv US Domestic resources. Puerto Rico service is now administered as if it were a US DMA.

SHEF Commands

  • Post #2 of this thread details the procedure to acquire channel information and signal strength using interactive IP (SHEF) commands with your receiver.

Local Market Information

  • Post #3 of this thread provides the complete Excel of Directv DMA Market Data and History


1. TPN_Map Domestic This Excel presents all US Directv Channels and TPN's: CONUS (Continental US or wide/National beams) and LIL (Local-Into-Local or narrow/Spot beams).

There are five tabs at the bottom of the Domestic Excel

  • CONUS all 50-States channels, grouping first 4K, then HD, then SD channels in channel number sequence
  • LIL all Local-Into-Local channels in DMA Market Name sequence, grouping first HD, then SD channels in channel number sequence.  Puerto Rico appears as a pseudo DMA
  • OTA the Directv supported database of Over-The-Air channels in DMA Market Name then channel number sequence. The Directv OTA database has not been expanded since November, 2009
  • Hybrid includes Active and Offline Test records for CONUS, Hybrid and LIL channels, 'Push' channels, On-Demand channels, Interactive channels and Offline channels. Each grouping is in channel number sequence. A large number of part-time channels, seasonal channels, RSN Alternate channels and ‘Game-Only’ sports channels appear in this tab since such channels are typically Offline at the time of day the TPN Map is assembled
  • Network Decoder correlates satellites and their TPN's graphically to explain the receiver's signal strength presentation

2. TPN_Map Latin The first division of Directv Latin America (DLA) is Panamericana. Entities in this division are Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. El Caribe entities are Aruba/Curacao, Barbados, Trinidad/Tobago and Caribe Regional. Puerto Rico has transitioned from DLA to US Domestic resources.

**Please note: in October 2015 our colleague in Columbia was moved by his employer leaving us unable to provide updated Panamericana TPN Maps at this time.


There are seven tabs at the bottom of the Latin Excel

  • PanR1 all channels in Network 0, Pan Regional 1, grouping first MPEG4 then MPEG2 channels in channel number sequence
  • PanR2 all channels in Network 1, Pan Regional 2, grouping first MPEG4 then MPEG2 channels in channel number sequence
  • Sur all channels in Network 3, Sur, grouping first MPEG4 then MPEG2 channels in channel number sequence
  • Norte all channels in Network 4, Norte, grouping first MPEG4 then MPEG2 channels in channel number sequence
  • OTA the Directv supported database of Over-The-Air channels in Regional Market Name then channel number sequence
  • Hybrid includes On-Demand channels, Interactive channels, Test records and Offline channels, each grouping in channel number sequence
  • LA Network Decoder correlates satellites and their TPN's graphically to explain the receiver's signal strength presentation

3. SKY-Mexico is part of a second DLA division which includes Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama. SKY-Mexico is not yet presented here

4. SKY-Brazil is a third DLA division but is not yet presented here


All documents are fully unprotected so you may copy and use the data as you wish


The free Microsoft Excel Viewer


Link to Master Excel:



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#3339195 103CB Signals Dead

Posted by Gary Toma on 20 February 2015 - 01:36 PM

The Morning-After report:


In a few minutes I will post an updated TPN Map in the TPN Map Thread   (from Doctor J as of 0800 [PST]  this morning).  We have a new landscape today.  In the CONUS tab, I have highlighted in ugly yellow, the 40 HD channels now being provided by D14.  In the LIL tab there are some 33 instances of LIL virtual channels being provided by D14.  There certainly will be many more changes to come.


We now know for certain that D10 was not  a contributor, along with D12, in poviding any of the 103S channels.


I am most impressed that in a period of perhaps 5 hours yesterday afternoon, Engineering could fire up 7 D14 tpns and manage this migration of 40 HD channels.  These people deserve a tremendous amount of credit.


Another huge accolade is due:  the work, time, expertise and insight that KyL416 provided in this thread providing a play-by-play account, --in real-time-- as yesterday's catastrophe was unfolding was magnificent.  KyL416 - you were great.  Thanks.

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#3351911 DIRECTV Satellite Discussion D-15 @103W

Posted by Diana C on 07 April 2015 - 02:28 PM

For all of DIRECTV's Ka and RDBS licenses, they don't deliver correspondingly more programming and if I'm not wrong, they still haven't hit all the LIL markets yet.

DISH's approach has made a big dent in the transition to advanced modulation and compression schemes for a significant portion of their customers. So much is made of what DIRECTV could do if they could convert 101W to MPEG4. Let's see it!



You are right, DirecTV makes a habit of launching new satellites to support new services rather than making do with what they have.  You are also right that they cost more than Dish does.


I would just point out that Dish had the same opportunities to bid on satellite slots as DirecTV.  Had they emulated DirecTV a little more than they did, they could have avoided the need for the "dual arc" kludge they have today.  Duplicating all your CONUS content on two complete sets of satellites wastes satellite resources, increases operating costs and can be confusing to customers.  All they needed to do was bid on some licenses of their own.  Instead they "made do" and then had to scramble for space on leased satellite slots to get the required capacity.


Running at 8PSK and MPEG-4 does buy you a small amount of bandwidth but since you also need to increase FEC when you increase data density you don't get the full benefit of the "advanced modulation and compression schemes."  This is really something you do only if you have to.  Dish had to, DirecTV didn't.


Yet, despite using such "advanced" technology, and under-cutting DirecTV's price, Dish Network has never gotten close to catching up with DirecTV's subscriber numbers.  The fact that DirecTV had a 2 year head start is no longer a factor.  18 years is more than enough time to catch up if the product being offered is preferable to customers.


So many things can be argued to be "better," from price to channel selection to business practices to satellite encoding system to set top boxes to how many owners the company has had (all points you have raised in the past as criticisms of DirecTV).  But the only objective way to measure success is to look at how the product or service does in the marketplace and by that measure, DirecTV is winning.


As I look at the moves Charlie & Co have been making in the past couple years, I can't help but think that Mr. Ergen is planning to repeat what he did when he started Dish Network.  If you recall, Ergen and Defranco ran a C-Band business from 1980 until 1992 (when they were granted their first DBS license) at which point they abandoned the C-Band market and remade themselves into a DBS provider.  I expect Ergen is getting ready to abandon the DBS business for the terrestrial wireless business.  All they need is to find someone upon whom they can unload Dish Network.


So, what are we to conclude?  It seems that ALL business have things we like and other things we dislike.  DirecTV and Dish are two companies in the same industry that have taken different paths to get where they are today.  Is one a "better" company than the other as a result?  Don't be ridiculous.  I don't even know what being a "better" company means.  Corporations are not people (despite the efforts lately to make them one legally) and so do not have personalities or characters.  They all exist for only one reason: to enrich their owners.


So, can we PLEASE stop the disparaging comments from the peanut gallery about modulation schemes, number and location of satellites, number of channels, business practices, etc.  Both Dish Network and DirecTV live in glass houses, so great care needs to be taken before tossing rocks at each other, and the result is likely to be nothing but a lot of noise and broken glass.

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#3246013 Report: Weather Channel returning

Posted by Stuart Sweet on 08 April 2014 - 01:02 PM

I have never heard of a CEO actually apologizing before. DIRECTV wins huge here.
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#2056107 Cutting Edge: Rules

Posted by Doug Brott on 02 June 2009 - 06:16 PM

The Cutting Edge program was founded by former DBSTalk moderator Earl Bonovich in cooperation with DIRECTV. The Program is a way for you to give valuable feedback to DIRECTV by downloading pre-release versions of firmware to your DIRECTV receivers. A set of risks are outlined here so that you can understand what it means to be a part of the Cutting Edge program.

What you should not do

Do not contact DIRECTV
You agree that all support for this software will be through DBSTalk.com. Contacting DIRECTV about your receivers while they are running pre-release software is grounds for immediate removal from the group.

Do not post about Cutting Edge versions in public forums
The Cutting Edge program is located in a private area that requires opting in for access. This is to protect the information so that it cannot be easily searched on the Internet. All Cutting Edge discussion should take place here in the Cutting Edge forums. You should never post information about the Cutting Edge versions in public areas either on DBSTalk.com or other forums.

Do not download just to get a new feature
Cutting edge versions are typically not "customer ready" which means that there is an increased chance that a major bug may exist.

Do not download if you are unwilling to risk it all
If you are not willing to accept these risks, then do not download a cutting edge version to your receiver.

Do not create polls right after a download
All polls created on the first day a cutting edge release is available or on the two (2) days following the day a cutting edge release is available will be deleted without discussion. The reason for this is to give people a chance to see the changes in action before passing judgment.

What you should do

Understand a cutting edge version may not be stable
This is the cutting edge. There is a chance that your receiver may stop working. There is a chance that you may lose all of your programming. Understand that there are no guarantees of anything.

Understand there is a chance of decreased performance
A cutting edge version often includes new pieces of code as enhancements are added and bugs are fixed. As a result, there are times when the performance will decrease.

Report issues at DBSTalk
You should report issues whenever appropriate, so as to improve the software in future releases. All reports should be made @ DBSTalk.com in the Cutting Edge forum. Do not contact DIRECTV or post issues in the general forum area.

Inform all members of your household
Make sure folks who use this receiver understand that everything could be lost. Downloading a cutting edge version could lead to unsatisfactory results.

Understand that participation is voluntary
No one is forcing you to participate in the Cutting Edge program. If you are dissatisfied with your receivers while running pre-release software, you have one and only one recourse: revert to the national release.

Have the right equipment
In order to participate in the Cutting Edge Program, you must have the right receiver. This list includes an HR, H, D or R series receiver from DIRECTV.

While the Cutting Edge Program is a cooperative effort, DirecTV and DBSTalk are not affiliated. DBSTalk is ultimately not responsible for any issues related to DIRECTV hardware, software and programming.

These rules are subject to change at anytime without notice.
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#3363045 First Look: DIRECTV H44 Genie Server & External HDD

Posted by Scott Kocourek on 25 May 2015 - 12:39 PM

DBSTalk is proud to release our First Look of the DIRECTV H44 Genie Server & External HDD



H44-500 Genie & External HDD First Look


The H44 is not available at this time, please do not call DIRECTV with expectations of getting an H44



Please note that some DBSTalk.com testers and staff members may have received free equipment from DIRECTV or its partners for the purpose of evaluation and testing.

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#3308706 DirecTVs newest "scam"?

Posted by Scott Kocourek on 14 November 2014 - 12:28 PM

I don't believe non-Genie dvrs are even capable of 4k.  


As to your scam comment I don't understand, you don't have to watch programming in 4k, they are not forcing you to.

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Posted by catnapped on 07 February 2014 - 02:37 PM

The Weather Channel's spokesmodel:



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#3325601 Where is DirecTV' CES content?

Posted by Scott Kocourek on 08 January 2015 - 06:32 PM

You never miss an opportunity do you. I often wonder what your position is at DISH.
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#3298152 Flag Discussion (moved from DirecTV Installation/MDU)

Posted by krunk84 on 10 October 2014 - 07:32 AM

I've spent the better part of yesterday afternoon and this morning reading through this entire thread.  LV, you are my hero!  As a DVT subscriber and a two time combat veteran, your fight against your apartment complex had me intrigued.  I own my house and live in an HOA.  I've had similar fights on my dish placement as it has to be on the top of my house in full view of the street to get the best signal due to trees.  I had to use the same federal regulations to get them off my case.


As for the flag, I know where you are coming from.  I had an American flag displayed from my porch on Memorial Day.  I got a letter from the HOA stating that said display could be seen as "offensive to other neighborhood residents."  Really?!?!  Displaying the flag of the country we currently live in is seen as offensive?  Ok, this got me heated.  The original flag was a small one that I bought from Walmart.  After mentioning this to some buddies in my old unit, they got their hands on and sent me a much larger flag that had been recently retired from flying on post.  This flag was large enough to cover the door of my two car garage!  I hung the flag over the garage door (making sure it never touched the ground and letting my family know that the door was off limits) where it stayed for nearly 4 months.  


After several more letters, I got a visit from the property manager assigned to my street.  He again stated that I was "disrupting and offending neighboring residents."  I then told him that I had been deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan and was a 60% disabled veteran according to the VA.  I told him that I fought for the right to fly this flag and there was no way I was taking it down.  The property manager then threatened hefty fines and getting law enforcement involved.  I went inside and retrieved the federal flag display laws that I just so happened to have printed out and provided him a copy.  I even pointed out the highlighted sections of the law that protected my right to display it.  He said he would have to review it and get back to me.


Over the next few weeks, I got visits from people higher and higher up the food chain of the HOA.  They used the same tactics against me, threats, fines, possible criminal charges, ect.  Every time, I would explain my position and provide them with a fresh copy of the federal law.  Finally, the president of the HOA came to speak with me and politely asked for some kind of compromise.  The whole situation was making them look bad as I would openly discuss it with anyone who asked.  I told them that there was no way I was going to not display the flag.  They asked if I would be willing to display a similar flag to the one that had started the whole mess.  I honestly wanted to be able to use my garage again, so I agreed to take the gigantic flag down as long as I wouldn't be hassled again for displaying the more modestly sized one from the pole on my porch.  We shook hands and I took my protest flag down and put the smaller one back up on my porch.  This was two years ago and the smaller flag is still on display to this day.  But I have the obscenely large flag folded up neatly in my office, ready for the next time they decide to tempt their fate.  Never get into either a drinking or a pissing contest with a soldier.  You will lose every time!

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#3251028 How many of you think Directv should start compressing their hd more so we ca...

Posted by Diana C on 25 April 2014 - 06:00 AM

To paraphrase Ben Franklin, "he who sacrifices quality for some temporary quantity, will have neither quality nor quantity."
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#3387756 Pac-12 Networks confident, even without DirecTV

Posted by lwilli201 on 16 September 2015 - 03:58 PM

Good grief.  This argument is getting real old.  Both have to agree on a contract that will be beneficial to both parties.  Directv has to deal with escalating cost of programming.  They have to balance cost to customers and return on investment to shareholders.  If an agreement can not be reached that addresses both these requirements, a deal can not be reached.  Pac12N does not care what the end customer has to pay.  They are only concerned with how much they can return to the member schools.  It is a business decision by Directv, not an emotional decision.  

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#3424902 FX:The Americans finale warning Wed 6/8

Posted by MattWarner on 06 June 2016 - 05:52 PM

I was reviewing my ToDo list this evening and noticed a problem for this Wednesday's 'The Americans' recording on FX.  It would appear that FX has scheduled something at 6:10am ET (20 minutes long) on Wednesday morning and marked it as episode 13, which the DVR flagged for recording.  Thus, the DVR sees the actual finale scheduled for 10pm that evening as a duplicate and didn't select it to record.


If you have a season recording set for The Americans and don't want to miss the finale, check your ToDo list before Wednesday night and make sure the evening broadcast is scheduled to record.



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#3354322 Get a HR44 for a HR34 with minimal hassle

Posted by sigma1914 on 17 April 2015 - 08:43 AM

Lying about a disability to game the system is absolutely disgusting.



An actual disabled person

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#3277561 SEC Network

Posted by sigma1914 on 04 August 2014 - 05:33 PM

I was the first one to report this here. I heard it on the radio coming home at 4:00 PM. My ESPN Radio Station Reported the Breaking News Just As I was Pulling Into My Driveway That DirecTv Just signed the deal Today. It is official we will be getting the SEC Network.

Sent from my iPhone using DBSTalk mobile app


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#3259430 Newsmax TV signs with DirecTV

Posted by treecastle on 29 May 2014 - 03:55 PM

Sounds like Fox News Jr.  :down:

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#3246006 Report: Weather Channel returning

Posted by MysteryMan on 08 April 2014 - 12:51 PM

David Kenny, Chief Emasculated Officer.

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#3217961 The Weather Channel and DIRECTV

Posted by sdk009 on 11 January 2014 - 10:27 AM

Boy if TWC thinks that "Highway to Hell", "Heavy Metal Monster", & "Prospectors" (part of Saturday's line-up) are critical programs then they are really full of themselves.
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#3403742 DIRECTV HD Channel Anticipation (Official Q1-16 Thread)

Posted by cmasia on 04 January 2016 - 07:16 PM

To mitchflorida,


There are only 3 certainties:


1) Death


2) Taxes


3) The veracity of KyL416's posts.




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#3394903 New Star Trek on CBS All Access January 2017

Posted by RunnerFL on 02 November 2015 - 12:01 PM

Yay, another subscription and another monthly fee just to watch an "exclusive".   I'll pass...  I'm getting tired of being montly fee'd to death.

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