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110 Spot Beams Down ?

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by MikeW, Jun 9, 2004.

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  1. Mike123abc

    Mike123abc Hall Of Fame/Supporter DBSTalk Gold Club

    Jul 19, 2002
    If a thruster or gyroscope went out on the satellite we will probably be able to read about it next month (or so) in the quarterly report, they have a section listing all the "anomalies" satellites have suffered. It is also possible the problem was on the ground.
  2. BobMurdoch

    BobMurdoch Hall Of Fame

    Apr 24, 2002
    "Thank you for pressing the Self Destruct Button. Have a Nice Day. 30....29....28....27....."
  3. James Long

    James Long Ready for Uplink! Staff Member Super Moderator DBSTalk Club

    Apr 17, 2003
    For some people, that's only a 2-3ft move. :D

    Butt enough about short people. :lol:

    Someone is going to be in TROUBLE!!!

  4. ypsiguy

    ypsiguy Icon

    Jan 28, 2004
    Maybe Ernst Blofeld turned it into a laser satellite. :grin: "Showing a bit more cheek than usual, Ms. Case." :grin:
  5. HarryD

    HarryD Icon

    Mar 24, 2002

    Just a suggestion.. change the font color (blue) to something like white or yellow..
  6. BobMurdoch

    BobMurdoch Hall Of Fame

    Apr 24, 2002
    Dr. Evil: Meester Er-genn. You will pay me One Meelion Dollars or everyone in Peoria will be forced to watch local channels from Fargo. HA HA HA! Isn't that right, Mr. Wigglesworth.......
  7. tnsprin

    tnsprin Hall Of Fame

    Mar 15, 2003
    Certainly wan't just local TV channels. Mine, in NY, are on 119 amd 61.5. I first noticed the HD channels (except 9583 WCBS-HD which is on 61.5) all missing.

    Made the mistake of trying a check switch, and then completely couldn't see the 110 satellite. Then wasted a bunch of time on the roof checking to see if it was the LNB, wires, stitches. Was about 10:30 AM EDT before a check dish worked again. And then some of the HD channels (e.g. espn-hd)but not all(e.g. HBO-HD, SHO-hd, both HDNET). Wan't until late afternoon that I saw some of them again.
  8. tnsprin

    tnsprin Hall Of Fame

    Mar 15, 2003
    Agreed. But they could be a lot more informative about went went wrong and how big the impact was. I wasted time trying on my roof checking things out because no notices were out there and when I first called them they "Knew of no problems'. When I came back in a couple of hours later, thinking I had an LNB failure they were reporting some locals in your area are effected. None of my locals were ever effected, since they are not on 110.
  9. mainedish

    mainedish Hall Of Fame

    Mar 25, 2003
    Well I for one am sorry this happened.(Buy Directv) . I know they worked hard to fix it and won't let it happen again(Buy Directv). I know Dish knows what they are doing(Dishplayer) . I am sure they have the whole thing under control(Panic) and they are moving the dish on the ground as we speak(Hand crank). I know they have the best equipment going(Low bidder) and it will not happen again .
  10. ypsiguy

    ypsiguy Icon

    Jan 28, 2004
    Or reruns of Fargo...
    I still laugh when I see William Macy scraping the icy car windshield in the movie "Fargo". He starts scraping and ends up hitting the windshield. Being from Michigan, I sympathsize completely. I bet TonyM does too... :D
    Hmmm...110 repositioned. Was this TonyM to the rescue? He may have earned his wings. :D
  11. Chris Blount

    Chris Blount Creator of DBSTalk Staff Member Administrator DBSTalk Gold Club

    Jun 22, 2001
    I agree. There was probably more going on. I lost parts of 119 this morning.
  12. Bobby94928

    Bobby94928 Hall Of Fame

    May 12, 2003
    and I lost 119 late this afternoon as well, first on my 6000 and later on my 811.... They came back fairly quickly.
  13. jhall

    jhall Legend

    Oct 16, 2002
    TP262 is not registering, not even a blip. TP264 is operating extremely hot, hotter than I've ever seen this transponder, with SNR readings at 95%, showing 22.5DB, signal showing -3.1DBM
    TP266, the philadelphia spot shows even hotter than that with SNR of 22.6DB, signal strength reading 84% with -1.8DBM
    TP268 seems to be registering something very weakly, flashing between -INF and -108DBM for signal strength, while SNR his bouncing a little between 3.7 and 4.5DB. These numbers in this range are usually not very reliable with this card and one usually needs to see an SNR of at least 6.0DB to get a shaky lock, and 8.0 to get a solid lock.
    TP270 is getting stronger, ten minutes ago it was showing just above the 6DB mark on SNR readings, still getting a fair amount of correctable errors, still getting those, but SNR is steadily rising, now up to 6.8DB and signal of 27% at -14.3DBM

    If these kinds of reports are useful, I can keep posting them. Tipically from my location, which is just north of Washington DC, I can almost always get a lock on TP270, TP268 is weaker, showing SNR readings from anywhere to 6DB to 8DB, and TP262 shows up consistantly in atmospheric skip. Since it is right where I need it to test driver stability for lossy signals, I have relatively accurate data for readings in this area.
  14. ehren

    ehren Hall Of Fame

    Aug 2, 2003
    this means nothing to me but maybe to someone but tp 2, 8 and 10 are at zilch tonight. 4 and 6 are about 70-80
  15. cdru

    cdru Hall Of Fame

    Dec 4, 2003
    I sense that you are trying to convey a subtle hidden message, but I can't quite figure it out.
  16. JohnH

    JohnH Hall Of Fame

    Apr 22, 2002
    Probably secretly wishes he could get Great American Country. :)

    Or Sirius Satellite Radio on his Home Theater. :)
  17. jhall

    jhall Legend

    Oct 16, 2002
    Currently, TP262 shows SNR: 67% (7.5dB) signal strength 28% (-13.7dBm)
    TP264 shows 22.4dB and -3.2dBm and no errors obviously
    TP266 shows 22.4dB and -2.0dBm
    TP268 shows 7.7dB and -29.9dBm, slightly weaker than normal, but within tolerences
    TP270 shows 10.7dB and -6.5dBm, about average for this mux, I have seen this one stronger.
    TP262 seems stronger than I am accustomed. I don't know if this makes sense from a positioning point of view, the differences are subtle at best.
  18. speedy882001

    speedy882001 AllStar

    Dec 17, 2002
    Sounds like I picked a good week to be out of town. Stuck in a JW Marriot hotel in Houston with about 15 chanels. I am surprised that the wife or kids are not yelling.
  19. skaeight

    skaeight Icon

    Jan 15, 2004
    So is this fixed?
  20. lovswr

    lovswr Godfather

    Jan 12, 2004
    Riverview, FL

    Actually that reminds of a story when I was in the Service. The AN/FSC-39/78 Meduim/Heavy Sattelite Earth Terminal tracks the bird with what is called a "Magic T" (Essentially it just responds to whatever has the strongest power on the IFLA freq (70MHz). One especially cold night on top of Mount Landstuhl in Germany we "accidently" started tracking the space shuttle (that is what the official report said, teehee). Well this is a 30ft dish mounted on a 12ft pedestal with 8ft tall servo motors. The shuttle was going way to fast (we could actually hear the servo motors inside the building) & although the FSSP tried its best, of course the azimuth motor burned out. Well it's 3am local time & I was shift daddy. So I called DISA in Brussels & activated the emergency bakup traking plan.

    PFC Pez.

    There is a hand crank & it was hilarious watching him "give it his all" just trying to get that dish to move even half a degree. LOL RHIP.

    I had him out there for about 4 hours (that was the time it tooK to drive down to the depot in Manheim & get a replacement motor) & i gotta admit, he took it in good stride. Ahhhh. Those were the good old days.

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