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At end of Dish Hopper contract; what should I do now?

Discussion in 'DISH™ High Definition Discussion' started by stonemsp, May 12, 2016.

  1. stonemsp

    stonemsp New Member

    May 12, 2016
    Minneapolis, MN
    I run a Vacation Rental lake house in Minnesota near Minneapolis. I need to provide all 4 TVs with premium type channels (HBO, SHO) and also have VERY little downtime - because my guests pay high rent to stay for a few weeks.

    My Dish contract is over now so I can change.

    Dish is OK except for two issues:

    The Hopper has died twice now in two years. It takes too long (several days) to ship a new box. I can maybe solve this issue by paying for a second Hopper ($12/month) for a backup box. But I dont really like having one point of failure ie if the Hopper goes down, all TVs fail. And for the recent failure, they sent out a box with a dead HDD. So now the downtime is even longer.

    I do have a backup OTA antenna which provides local channels, with a separate cable run to each TV. But I advertise HBO, SHO, CNN, etc so I need to provide that as much as possible.

    The other issue I dont like about Dish is the high cost: the $175 Dish charge for 4 TVs + all premiums + DVR added to a separate company providing internet and USA phone for $90 makes the total way too high at $265. Dish does drop their price to $130 for 6 months, but I need to keep calling them and never sure if they will continue that drop.

    Should I go to Comcast cable Triple play? The big advatanges would be:

    1) a single vendor
    2) lower price at under $200/mo
    3) I think that they have retail locations in the metro area where I can swap a dead DVR quickly without waiting for a UPS shipment

    Any suggestions or other ideas?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. RBA

    RBA Active Member

    Apr 14, 2013
    Contact DIRT they may be able to help you can find them in the top part of the DISH forum.

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