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CBS-7 [KOSA] goes off the air on DirecTV after contract expires

Discussion in 'News' started by Athlon646464, Aug 5, 2013.

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  1. Athlon646464

    Athlon646464 Gold Members DBSTalk Gold Club

    Feb 23, 2007
    Uxbridge, MA
    CBS-7 [KOSA] goes off the air on DirecTV after contract expires

    CBS-7 [KOSA] has been taken off the air for local DirecTV customers after the satellite television provider and CBS-7 parent company ICA Broadcasting failed to reach an agreement, affecting about 20,000 customers.

    ICA, which has to renew its contract with cable and satellite providers every three years, made agreements with every local provider except for DirecTV this year, said Barry Marks, General Manager of CBS-7. The contract's expiration caused CBS-7 to go off the air at midnight on Wednesday.

    The conflict stems from DirecTV's refusal of ICA's asking price for carrying CBS-7 on local DirecTV customers' feeds. Marks told the Reporter-Telegram on Friday that he based his price in relation to how much the other cable and satellite providers paid for CBS-7.

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