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Hopper / Joey Setup Question

Discussion in 'Hopper System Support Forum' started by DishTim, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. DishTim

    DishTim Mentor

    Feb 6, 2006
    I presently have one 722K receiver downstairs. TV 1 is connected to 2 HD TV's.

    TV 2 feeds 3 standard def TV's.

    What type of Hopper Joey setup would I need? How much more per month would it cost? Is it worth it?
  2. VDP07

    VDP07 Godfather

    Feb 22, 2006
    Assuming you connect your existing tv's in a similar fashion, 2 outputs to 5 tv's, including any upfront upgrade costs, your bill will increase by $11 a month. 1 Hopper feeding 2 HD tv's. 1 Joey mirrored to 3 SD tv's via a modulator using the composite output of the Joey. If you feel the additional features a H/J setup are worth $11 mo., then I say go for it.

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