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TV apps not available

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by johnchart, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. johnchart

    johnchart Legend

    Sep 17, 2006
    Any one else getting this message? My apps haven't worked for several days. Yesterday when I tried to open the apps, the black box appeared & then froze up. Had to restart my 24-100 receiver. I did check all my settings & they said everything was ok. I have RJ45 cable running from the 24-100 to my DSL modem.

  2. wxguy

    wxguy AllStar

    Feb 17, 2008
    It has been messed up for a couple days on my system. On the bright side, I find it of marginal value since the NOAA files were removed by the programmer. Nothing as good has ever replaced them.
  3. MysteryMan

    MysteryMan DIRECTV A-Team DBSTalk Club

    May 17, 2010
    Have not been experiencing any issues with TV Apps.
  4. lacubs

    lacubs Godfather

    Sep 11, 2010
    i have learn TV App are hit or miss on each system, like mine will disappeared few weeks for no reason
  5. Whogaman

    Whogaman Cool Member

    Feb 6, 2008
    There was a software update released the other day. And my TV apps have worked sporadically ever since.

    Peace Whoga
  6. mystic7

    mystic7 Icon

    Dec 9, 2007
    My tv apps wouldn't load yesterday. Scoreguide also disappeared. I did a reset and they came back. Not liking the technical glitches at all. Not to mention the half-assed explanation I got from a CSR today as to why my first payment, which was supposed to be $35.96 with all discounts applied, suddenly went to $39.06 4 days before it's due. But that's a story for a new thread.
  7. peds48

    peds48 DIRECTV A-Team DBSTalk Club

    Jan 10, 2008
    I find TV apps to be useless
  8. loudo

    loudo DIRECTV A-Team

    Mar 24, 2005
    Central Maine
    Mine are OK here today. But, last night all I was getting is the black bar with no apps showing up in it.

    I do miss the NOAA radar, but I still use the Weather Channel and many of the sports apps on a regular basis.
  9. peds48

    peds48 DIRECTV A-Team DBSTalk Club

    Jan 10, 2008
    With The apps taking forever to load, (when they work) I find it more more convenient (quick) to just "flip open" my iPhone to get that kind of information.
  10. johnchart

    johnchart Legend

    Sep 17, 2006
    Got apps back by doing reset couple of times. All is fine now.

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