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Where can I buy pvr501 at the cheapest price?

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by -, Mar 21, 2002.

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    I can't afford pvr501 for $350. I'm an existing customer, so I can't get any specials.
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    Hey Mit welcome to the group. Dishnetwork is still offering the PVR501 to existing customers for $199 with 12 month agreement. That's what I did. They will want you to do it with CC autopay, but they will charge you an extra $14 for not enrolling in CC auto pay. So the price comes to $213. I had a dishplayer which I sold on E-Bay for $150 and I kicked that into the 501. I have a post over at AVSforums with 501 promo's but I think they're 1st time buyres. I forget.:) (BTW) dish will send an installer to your house to hook it up for free. They won't just send the unit.
    Here's the links I posted maybe they can help.
    $149 rebate: www.thesatelliteguy.com/501s.html I like $9 with pvr501:
    www.appletonsatellite.com...000004.htm $199.95 free install kit : www.allactionalarm.com/PVR501.htm $139 free install: www.allsat.com/product.shtml $269 before $99 credit: www.dss1.com/accessories.htm
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