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    Here is my setup diagram. Looks like I am violating having a client (the RVU) go through my home network. If that is the case, can you explain why this is a bad idea, other than it violates the DirecTV standard? RVU seems to be working just fine, and I notice no other adverse impact on the network. And describe to me, please, what to re-arrange so that I am "in spec". Thanks.

    SWM Configuration Jul 2017.jpg
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    Before describing anything to change, Is the Sony tv next to the hr54 or in another room? And is there a coax cable going to the other room if it is in another room? Also is the router next to the hr54?

    Some people have had issues with running a RVU through their home network. Some have not. DIRECTV does not ever support it because they will not build their software to work running through routers, because even though it shouldn’t be a problem, it can be... they won’t even allow it to be set up that way and pass system check upon initial install.

    If everything is working fine for you, I’m not sure I’d change anything from that setup, but we can tell you what you would need to do if you wanted to to make it DIRECTV approved.
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    Thanks for the offer to help. For the time being, given that it is working OK, and given that I rarely watch any DTV 4K content, I think I am going to leave it as it is for now.
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    My MRV system is not the D* standard. Been running for years. No major issues. Just because they don't recognize a different way of doing things doesn't mean that way won't work...better.

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