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1 Year today with the HR20-700

Discussion in 'DIRECTV Tips and Resources' started by KCCardsfan, Dec 18, 2007.

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  1. KCCardsfan

    KCCardsfan Godfather

    Apr 18, 2007
    Exactly 1 year ago today I upgraded to the AT9 & the HR20-700, I've read about bad experiences and good, here is my Grading for the 1st year:

    Ordering the Upgrade- This went good, I was offered the $299 HR20 & Dish, talked them down to $199 & had a $100 referral (old plan) to bring it to $99. Grade A

    The Install- Installer from Ironwood was on time and install went good, a few days later I found loose bolts on the AT9, but other than that all OK. Grade B+

    1st few months- I like others had some early trouble with the HR20, then I found DBSTalk and the CE program. Starting in February my HR20 started working extremely well, and has stayed that way. Grade B+

    Service Call- In October I would lose all the new MPEG4 HD channels at night (771's), DirecTv sent Ironwood out and replaced the AT9 with a Slimline- FOR FREE, no trouble since. Grade A+

    CSR's- I have been a subscriber since April 1995, the few times I did call this last year I didn't have any trouble, I was sent to Retention for the Service Call & they took care of me. Grade A

    DBSTalk- I've had good and bad responses from posting here, mostly good. The bad seemed to be when I had only a few posts, some members forget they started at 0 posts also. Even though I was an installer before HD, I still needed answers for the new equipment, one way or the other I got them from DBSTalk. I found out about CE's, Networking, eSATA & VOD, using them all! Grade B

    CE Program- I will just go ahead and give it a Grade A.

    Moderators- Extremely helpful & knowledgeable, I give one of them a Grade D+, the rest A+.

    I would like to see HD content in VOD, don't care about DLB, glad the HR20 is NOT a TIVO, Undecided on the HD Extra-Pack and hoping that several of the new 'HD' channels will actually start showing HD content.

    Overall I've had a good year with DirecTv & DBSTalk, the help I received here got me thru this last year, Thanks to ALL! And Many Thanks to the Moderators, keep up the good work!
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