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    Hello all.

    I know that in general if you are East of the Mississippi you are set up with a 1000.4 system and West of the Mississippi you get 1000.2. I think I have those numbers correct.... I had a 1000.2 dish with a 129/119/110 LNB. Anyway....something on the system stopped working. I usually will not call and take care of things like this by myself but I just didn't feel like it this time.....we had a horrible Winter w/snow, etc.. Also, the buried wiring is from a 1990's PrimeStar installation so I figured it probably wasn't a bad idea to get new cable anyway.

    The installer came and threw new cable on the top of the snow, said to call back when Winter was over and they would send someone back to bury the cable. So we DID get new cable as well as a new basic receiver. The Wally. The installer did not replace the actual dish however. Isn't the 1000.2 dish slightly different than the 1000.4?? The dish I have is gray with a "Dish TurboHD" on it. I've had Dish Network for a very long time so its not my first dish...and I've never once bothered them except one time around 2007 when the receiver was struck by lightning and they sent a different one in the mail. I'm hoping the installer did exactly as he was supposed to. What he did was he replaced the old receiver with the Wally, installed new cabling and threw it on top of the snow, and replaced the 129/119/110 LNB with a 61.5/72.7 (NO 77) LNB. He didn't change the dish which is pretty ancient and, to be quite honest, in pretty shi**y shape.

    Did the installer really do all that he was supposed to? After being a customer since the 90's, and never asking for an installer even one time.....I did it all myself. I have to admit that my original install wasn't the best. I didn't feel like replacing the PrimeStar pole.....which was a considerably larger pole. I just put the right size pole for Dish inside of the larger PrimeStar pole, anchored it the best that I could inside of the larger pole, and threw the new 1000.2 110/119/129 LNB on the existing pole (which had older dish setups in the past--see later in this post). That dish is pretty banged up. A couple of dents on the side, the TurboHD is print on the front of the dish is pretty faded out, and the elevation numbers are scratched as he!!.

    It would've been super easy for him (having the proper equipment, etc...) to replace the 1000.2 WA dish with a 1000.4 EA dish but he did not. That was only the 3rd dish setup I have ever had. I've been a customer for SO many years that I started out with a 119 dish and 119 dish only because that is all they had. (remember those days?). When they added the 110 satellite I bought a 2nd dish and the appropriate switch (SW21 I believe). My 3rd (and final) setup was the 1000.2 Western Arc dish. BTW, my locals are Green Bay, WI so yeah....I realize I should've had the Eastern Arc setup once they added that option but for some reason I just replaced one of the two dishes (119 & 110) with the single 129/119/110 1000.2 dish. At that time I did not have an HD TV even so any HD they added on 61.5 was irrelevant Yes, I know that there have been SEVERAL "advancements" in technology since the old 119 dish that I got when this company pretty much first started.

    That was a long-a$$ explanation for a simple question or 3... Sorry. I am just wondering about a couple of things. Should the installer have replaced the 1000.2 Western Arc dish with the Eastern Arc dish because he did not. He just switched me from the WA to the EA w/o swapping out the dish. Main questions are.....WHY didn't he replace the dish? I mean....not only was the existing dish SUPER OLD but if the EA dish shape is even slightly different from the WA dish that could pose a problem, no? I also don't understand the 61.5/72.7 LNB instead of the 61.5/72.7/77. I have seen channel lists on the 77 and I don't really see any channels that are not at either 61.5 or 72.7. There are SO MANY channels listed on the James Long (Thank you James BTW) web site that I can't really review every single channel. I see a lot of SD channels on 77 as well as HD channels of a few of the locals such as Cincinatti, Louisville, Charlottesville, etc... local HD stations that are only listed at 77.

    SHOULD the installer have given me a different dish for the EA instead of just using the old WA dish and throwing on a different LNB? The dish really was in pretty bad shape..... Also, if the EA dish is even a slightly different shape.... Also... considering how beat up the 1000.2 WA dish was.

    Once again, sorry for the length of this post!! Other pertinent information that I may not have mentioned is that I am in NE Wisconsin, locals are Green Bay but to be honest I am so far North and close to the Marquette, MI locals that my 61.5 TP28 spotbeam signal is actually stronger (71 signal) than the 61.5 TP29 spotbeam Green Bay locals. 52 signal on Green Bay SB. OH well... People one county over (both cable and sat) have Marquette, MI locals and I prefer the Green Bay Locals anyway.

    The last thing (promise) are the signal strength I am getting with this EA LNB (w/o the 77 which I'm not real clear on either) on the WA dish. 61.5 CONUS TP's 1-17 signals are 65-79. However, on the 72.7 every TP 1-32 is in the 50's. I believe the 72.7 is an old Canadian satellite they are leasing....no? They have messed with that signal strength meter so many da*n times since I first got Dish. Initially it went up to 100 (made more sense) and this was also before spotbeams. Then they changed it to 125 and signals were actually much lower it seems. At one time a signal in the 50's would have been terrible.

    Any concerns I should have?? The WA dish w/dents & scratches with an EA LNB? The missing 77 on the LNB? The signal strengths (especially on the 72.7). 45.7N, -88.3W are my approximate coordinates BTW.

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    The 1000.2 is used for both EA & WA.
    77 is not needed for most installs that’s why you didn’t get it.
    Your signals are good.
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    they are good !
    As to sat's info - see James Long old post when each sat launched, also GunterSpace sat and Lyngsat are good source of info regarding sats
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    What you really need to be concerned with is what satellites are my HD locals on. There are SOME markets that have their HD locals on Both arcs (Raleigh NC and KC are 2 examples).

    When you were on western arc (110,119, and 129), your satellite delivered locals were SD only and delivered from 110. Now that you are on Eastern Arc (in this case 61.5 and 72.7), you're now getting HD locals (where available from the station) from 61.5.

    72.7 signals in the 50-60 range is normal. It's also pretty normal for 61.5. If you were receiving 77, your signals would be better (60's and 70's), but really, it mostly is SD versions of the channels you receive in HD on 61.5 and 72.7. If you're concerned about snow /ice in the winter, you can get a dish heater.
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    Thanks to those that answered and had the patience to read my long post. Yes, when I put up the 129/119/110 I was not concerned about the HD channels but now I am so the 61.5 is important. As long as all English-language channels are available on 61.5 and 72.7 I'm fine with it. I am also one of the subs that still has the old "Superstation package" because I was grandfathered in. They offer those only in SD versions whereas if you were in a market where these stations are locals (LA, Denver, NYC, Boston) I would be getting them in their HD format and Denver and LA HD aren't even on the EA satellites. It would be nice to get HD versions of these channels but considering most people can't get them at all I'll just shut up. Those stations have a nice option of catching some decent syndicated reruns + its kind of cool to watch local LA, Denver, NYC, Boston news broadcasts. I hope they never decide to remove the channels to those that are grandfathered. Its worth the $7 per month....
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    I wouldn't want to lose the Superstations either. I watch them more than just about anything else

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