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1000 vs 1000.2 and a few Upgrade clarifications

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by drillhead, Apr 2, 2007.

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  1. drillhead

    drillhead Cool Member

    Mar 24, 2007
    I've read that the 1000.2 is physically a larger dish than the 1000. Aside from this, I believe that the 1000.2 will also handle 3 receivers w/o adding any external switches. Are there any other differences?

    My requirements are:

    1) need to see 119, 110 & 61.5 (61.5 via wing)

    2) Can only run one coax to each of my three receivers (currently have 2 single tuner receivers...adding a 622 very soon)? Running wires in my place is a real problem so it's critical that I stick to one wire. Can I use a separator with the 1000.2?

    3) Are diplexers a problem with either dish?

    I currently have legancy LNBF's on a 500, and I'm getting this replaced, so now's the time to plan ahead. I know that I can get by with a 500 w/ dpp twin, wing for 61.5, and a separator for the future 622. This will handle 2 receivers, adding the dpp44 will allow the third receiver to enter the picture. This extra receiver is why I'm curious about the 1000.2. I don't need to look at all 3 birds via the 1000.2, I just want its 3 receiver capacity! Dollar for dollar I've read that it's cheaper to get a 1000.2 vs the 44, but I want to know if there are shortcomings to my idea? After the 3rd receiver, I guess there are no differences btwn these 2?

    Is it better to say the hell with either 1000 go w/the 500 as noted above, add the 44 and move on with life? I'm footing the bill for this...

    Thanks for any help...you people are a lifesaver (& $$ saver)!
  2. Mike D-CO5

    Mike D-CO5 Hall Of Fame

    Mar 11, 2003
    1. The dish 1000.2 will see 119/110/129 and if you plug a side sat dish to the in port on the triple lnb , you can get 61.5.
    2.Yes with a dishpro seperator you can then split the one coax at each location for two sat tuners on a dual tuner receiver. Or you can just use the single coax for a single tuner reciever without a seperator.
    3. Diplexors work just fine with the dish 1000.2. I have a terk 44 ota antenna which is a big built in diplexor at the dish and I use the diplexors at each receiver to give me sat and ota. The key is to diplex the signals first on the coax coming into the reciever then apply the dishpro sepertor to the sat out line of the diplexor and split it into two cables for the dual tuner receivers.
    4. The dish 1000.2 will allow three installs and they can be three dual tuner receivers or one dual and two single or three single receivers . The dish 1000.2 is like having a built in dishpro plus 44 switch in the triple lnb.

    I use this setup at my house and my parents: terk 44 ota antenna clipped on a dish 1000.2 sat dish and it goes to two 622 dvrs at my house and one at my parents on a seperate account. Works great but it will default to 129 on hd channels instead of 61.5 . Sometimes if the signal is greater with the 61.5 on a particular channel , it will go to 61.5 , but there is no rhyme or reason when it will do this.
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