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110 & 119?

Discussion in 'DIRECTV Installation/MDU Discussion' started by dinotheo, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. dinotheo

    dinotheo Godfather

    Sep 21, 2006
    Hey folks,
    I haven't been here in a while. I wanted to ask a question. I came to check my house on the East Coast. (Ocean City, MD). My DirecTV service seems ok. All of my transponder signals are in the 90's, except for 110 and 119. I get all 0's on all transponders on those 2 satellites. Is this something I should have DirecTV address, or is there nothing on 110 and 119 that should concern me?

  2. PrinceLH

    PrinceLH New Member

    Feb 18, 2003
    Unless you have Foreign language programming or SD locals, you shouldn't have to worry about it.
  3. cabletech

    cabletech Legend

    Jan 20, 2011
    It depends on a couple of things. One, what service's do you have, what dish type do you have?

    All HD comes from the 99 and103 and just about everything is now off of the 110/119.

    If you have HD then you should have one of the newer slimline dish's, if you have the older type, then you will not get the hd channels.
  4. smitbret

    smitbret Legend

    Mar 26, 2011
    Sounds like you have the wrong dish type programmed into your receiver. Go to test channels 9513 & 9514. If they give you "Searching for Satellite Signal", then repeat your Satellite Setup and change the dish type from Slimline-5 to Slimline-3. Slimline-5 picks up the 110 & 119, the Slimline-3 just picks up 99,101,103.

    The only channels coming off the 119 are locals. Your locals in Ocean City all come off of the 99. It would be strange to have a Slimline-5 installed at all in that ZIP code.

    You won't gain any channels by doing this, but by leaving it on Slimline-5 the receiver is going to try to look for guide info from the 119 and may, eventually, give you an error code of 920.
  5. dinotheo

    dinotheo Godfather

    Sep 21, 2006
    Thanks folks.
    I have a slimline 5. At least that is what I thought I had. That is what the installer mentioned. At one point way back, I had international programming. I had the dish at my primary residence swapped recently and they put in a slimline 5. Even though I no longer had international (they dropped the channels I had) and that programming was coming from 95. The 95 dish is still up at my home. I left it up mostly because my neighbors threatened me with the homeowners rules don't allow a dish when I first moved in. A few years later I put up a 95 dish. I no longer need it.

    I was pretty sure everything was off of 110. (If I remember it was used for Mpeg2 HD). Wasn't sure about 119.

    My house suffered some roof damage. (Beach house, not my primary residence) but the Dish seems to not have budged. My primary residence had some water enter the home but that Dish also didn't budge. Actually at my primary residence, I never lost signal (Outside of Baltimore). Weird. Even at the heart of the Hurricane.

  6. Brubear

    Brubear Legend

    Nov 13, 2008
    110 has been decommissioned and is in a graveyard orbit
  7. P Smith

    P Smith Mr. FixAnything

    Jul 25, 2002
    W.Mdtrn Sea
  8. evan_s

    evan_s Hall Of Fame

    Mar 3, 2008
    If you have a Slimline5 and aren't using SWiM you should get this issue addressed. I know your signature says SWiM but you also mention multiple locations. Not because there is any programing you want on 110 or 119 but because guide data comes from 119 when watching any HD on 103. If you don't have signal on 119 you won't have guide data and this will cause problems and reboots from the DVR. If you don't need 119 for locals or Spanish programing you can switch to a SL3 and no you can't just change the setting in the receiver to fool it. You have to actually change the LNB.
  9. dinotheo

    dinotheo Godfather

    Sep 21, 2006
    Thanks Evan.
    I actually have SWiM at my vacation home. So it sounds like I am good. I just didn't remember if I had signal on 110 and 119 before Sandy struck at that home. The satellite configuration was configured as Slimline 5. (May have been because that is what I have at my primary residence and I had originally set this receiver up there). I reran the setup and the DVR autopopulated the entry as Slimline 3. I went through and let it re-setup.

    I know that the work order stated Slimline 5. The installer may have just put up a Slimline 3. I know this because the installer made a comment that really riled me up. He said "Ok, you speak English. When I saw the work order for a Slimline 5 I figured you wouldn't speak English that well." I really had to have the Dish installed that day, otherwise I would have sent him on his way and asked for a different installer. I told him that I had international programming at one time but no longer had it since they dropped the channels I had (Greek). So after this conversation he may have then just put up a Slimline 3.


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