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  1. Mark Holtz

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    Mar 23, 2002
    I was perusing the daily specials emails when I saw this...

    Inbox_-_Personal_-_Mozilla_Thunderbird 2019-07-14 23-26-39.png

    Needless to say, my chin hit the floor. 16TB of storage crammed into a single hard drive, or that it was $450 (sale price)/$500 (normal price). It would be a nice storage increase for my NAS box.... just a very expensive upgrade.

    Unfortunately, the cost/benefit ratio, at least for me, is all out of whack. After 10TB, the cost per TB exceeds $28, and unless there is a sale, it's too expensive. (I need eight of these for my NAS box). I'm also not running out of space at the moment, and my drives have plenty of life left.

    Still.... can't resist dreaming.

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