2018 NFL Playoffs

Discussion in 'The OT' started by Rich, Jan 6, 2019.

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    Meant to start this thread yesterday before the playoffs began. Picked the Cowboys and Colts to win yesterday, that worked out well. Colts game was one sided. I expected more from the Texans. Game wasn't very enjoyable. Luck, the Colts QB, is on a mission and they won easily.

    Picked the Cowboys and saw a much better game last night. The Seahawks looked over matched, lost their field goal kicker early and that had a large impact on the game. Big fan of Russel Wilson and Pete Carroll (Jets really should have kept him) but the Seahawks don't seem to have much more than them.

    I'm just about ready to start the Chargers-Ravens game. I picked the Ravens because I like Baltimore, how's that for a reason?

    Picking the Bears to win over the Eagles. Probably a dumb pick. Nick Foles is too good to lose to the Bears. If I were betting I'd take the Eagles.

    Speaking of betting, NJ legalized sports betting this year. I have resisted the temptation...I'd pick the Chargers and Eagles if I were betting.

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    For those that are recording these games, you might not want to mention the results/winners.

    [ spoiler] and [ /spoiler] codes work well but without the space I added after the left [
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