2021 Price Increase for DirecTV and U-Verse TV

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    The spreadsheet is correct. The discounts on Starz, SHO and Cinemax are NOT additive (probably because Cinemax is part of HBO Max). If you subscribe to one suite, the discount is $3. If you subscribe to two, it is $4.01 and if you subscribe to all three, it is $6.02

    Here's the current AT&T Price Change Page (look quick, it may have moved later):

    TV Price Changes for 2021
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    I have a bill from 2002 when Choice Xtra Classic or whatever it was called back then was only $40!!
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    Ok, so 2004 -> 2021 your TV bill DOUBLED. Has your salary doubled in that time frame? Mines only gone up ~50% which is why I'm looking for a job now lol. Have any of your other bills doubled? Electricity, water, phone, etc. all pretty stable in that time frame. I don't remember what my internet bill was in 2004, but I'm pretty sure it was 150mbps still because I had that speed until Cox released 1Gbps maybe 3 - 5 years ago. So probably that bill has doubled on 6x the speed. We haven't gotten 6x the channels or 6x the PQ or 6x of anything. And really, TV shows shouldn't have gotten that much more expensive to produce. Actors don't get much of a salary unless they have a big hit, then you can maybe get up to 1M/ep towards the end.
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    While I agree with you on most there (except my salary has tripled in that time frame) tv show costs are absolutely nuts Like some rival a movie production
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    You would think they would make locals optional. Lots of us now have antennas or Locast available. I think locals cost us about $15 a month now?
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    Cinemax is sold as a standalone premium from HBO Max. Having HBO Max does not include Cinemax and vice versa.

    Ah I see what I did wrong. In the 2020 Price column I put the bundle price that existed from January - April 2020 (before HBO Max launched and when HBO was $17.99) when I should have used the May 2020-present bundle pricing (after HBO Max launched and AT&T decreased the price down to $14.99). My bad. Everything else is correct. I'm not used to AT&T doing mid-year price changes like they did with HBO Max this year.

    Here is the corrected table. I also found the prices for the RSN fees.


    To fix this post that pricing would be even cheaper for Xtra (w/1 Genie WH-DVR) + all 4 movie premiums vs having DirecTV Premier
    • Xtra $116.99 + ARS ($23) + 1 TV ($0.00) + HBO Max, Cinemax, Starz, Showtime ($47.96) = $187.95
    • Xtra $116.99 + ARS ($25) + 1 TV ($0.00) + HBO Max, Cinemax, Starz, Showtime ($47.96) = $189.95
    • Xtra $116.99 + ARS ($15) + 1 TV ($7.00) + HBO Max, Cinemax, Starz, Showtime ($47.96) = $186.95
    • Xtra (All Included, 1 TV) $139.00 + HBO Max, Cinemax, Starz, Showtime ($47.96) = $186.96
    So... for someone not wanting Sports Pack & Cowboy Channel going to Xtra + 4 movie premiums would actually be $19.05 cheaper than DirecTV Premier. This actually would bring the cost closer to AT&T TV Premier & AT&T TV Now Premier which are both $183/mo (due to AT&T TV and AT&T TV Now lacking their own Sports Pack.) o_O

    Getting Xtra + all 5 premiums is actually $5.05 cheaper than DirecTV Premier (which is the difference of Movies Extra Pack or would cover most of the cost of Epix.) The only channels lost doing Xtra + all 5 premiums is Cowboy Channel & TUDN (formerly Univision Deportes).

    Yeah in your case it wouldn't make sense going from Premier due to the $0/mo DVR service unless you wanted to actually drop a premium.
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    spectrum charges 19.99 for 4 dvr's in the home vs the 12.99 for one dvr. but the spectrum PQ is just awful and the world box is crap with all of it's software bugs and glitches and the guide being up in the cloud for that box. it was all of the taxes and fees with spectrum that was bankrupting me:mad::eek:. spectrum is only good for the promo deals then after that run like hell!!!
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    as far as i know dish is the only provider that lets you drop the locals and save 12.99 a month. i think that spectrum charges 16.99 a month for locals DTV keeps the cost hidden and says there included in all packages
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