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    Just thought I would place a note here about a positive experience I had with DirecTV and the installer. It's a little long winded, sorry.

    I called DirecTV on Tues of last week and asked what kind of deals they had for me to add a second receiver - we bought a 2nd TV and needed an install. They offered me the $99 deal on a HDDVR and I could have the install during the usual blocks on the Fri of the same week (I chose 12-4). I was actually a little surprised they could get it done so fast.

    I decided to take all of Fri off so that I could prep for DirecTV's arrival by drilling a hole through my floor to run the cabling and to receive my new surround sound system (Onkyo HT-S7200) from FedEx. It was the easiest route because I have vaulted ceilings and the location of the 2nd TV was not near an exterior wall (didn't want him to punch through the exterior wall anyway or have cable running every which way).

    I get done under my house around 9:30 and get out just in time to get to my ringing phone. It's the installer. He's calling to ask if he can come out early to do the install because his morning appt cancelled. Why, of course! Come on out.

    Ten minutes later he arrives and I tell him how I want the cable run and tell him I will get under the house (I was already a mess from being under there and really didn't mind because my crawl space is huge). He agrees and we run the cable.

    He took his time and did a nice job of running the cable along the eave of the house and down to the crawl space vent. However, what impressed me the most was he took the time to correct something that the initial installer didn't do - add the 2nd support to the mast.

    I didn't know that the satelite mast was supposed to have 2 outriggers for support. While I don't have any signal issues is good to know that he corrected the install.

    Anyway, kudos to the installer and DirecTV.

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