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$4.99/month/additional receiver charge

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by -, Feb 22, 2002.

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    I wrote to Dish to complain about the $4.99/month additional receiver charge. With the new Quad LNB dishes out I was thinking of upgrading my Dish (or putting in a switch) and adding more receivers. This charge makes no sense as I own my receivers. I tried to explain this to Dish and here was there response:

    "The additional outlet fee of $4.99 per month is to transmit all of your programming from your main receiver to your additional receiver. The satellites transmit this feed and signal which takes more resources from our up link center."

    Does this make any sense to anyone? If they are referring about having to transmit further signals with smartcard codes why not change to one smartcard per dish rather than per receiver? Thoughts?
  2. Guest

    It makes sense to me, but I think the main reason for the charge deals with the fees they have to pay to the content providers, which is basically a license fee.
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    It is added revenue. Many cable comapnies do the same if they scrambe channels. Both DBS providers do this.
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    They use this to get some money back on the equipment deals they give you. Charging $4.99 for more than two receivers is just pure bullsh*t IMO.

    Edited for language...
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    I believe it was covered in a Chat sometime, but I don't remember when. I do remember the "license fee" issue... similar to the way lyric reprint licenses are done for churches... the content providers charge tiered fees based on number of subscribers.

    Plus, they probably recover some of the costs for updating accounts... etc.

    Still doesn't seem unfair to me.
  6. Guest

    "Still doesn't seem unfair to me."

    It does to me for people who have more than 2 boxes.
  7. Guest

    This line is good....

    Oh yeah, like I believe that. I can hear it now at the Uplink Center....

    "Johnny Smith just purchased a new 501 receiver and added it to his account, I guess we have to throw another piece of coal on the fire so that we have enough power for Johnny's new box"

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    If they got rid of the mirror fee theyd most likely make it up with additional subs and subs would could spend their money on additional programming that they otherwise wouldnt have.
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    As far as I see it. It's for upkeep of the other cards in the house. The dish receives the 110° & 119° signals.The signals are ampified through your system. There isn't anything extra. We should not be charged for extra receivers.
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    My original suggestion back to Dish was to have one smartcard number per household.

    I cannot tell them that on one receiver I want all of the channels but on the other receiver I don't want the premiums. It doesn't work that way.

    The content providers I believe charge per subscriber and not per television. The only reason why cable companies charge the same kind of fee is for televisions that have boxes. The basic channels all come in fine on any cable ready television. The fee is a rental cost for the decoder boxes. I own my satellite receivers so this is not a rental fee.

    Also someone commented that people shouldn't have more than two boxes. Is this a communist country? Some of us have more than 2 people in the house who would like to watch tv. Is there something wrong with that or do we always need to watch communally?

    Someone also mentioned about handling updates of the cards. This is covered whenever you downgrade your programming as they charge a $5 fee.

    As far as I am concerned this fee is a way for them to make a few extra pennies while there is a ton of extra money out there to be made on households with multiple televisions that will not change to satellite do to these limitations.
  11. Guest

    "Also someone commented that people shouldn't have more than two boxes"

    Who? I didn't see it and can't find it. An edited post perhaps?

    "Is this a communist country?"

    Pretty much so but many don't see it because they got all the freedom they want to be perverted. This was a communist
    plot since after WW2. Their goal and theory was to give the people the freedom of perversion while stealing real freedom and liberties and has been very successful. Of course most don't know about it because of two of their other planks, which was to take over the media and the educational system. Do some research from the communist planks mentioned in Congress in the 50's and you'll see they succeeded in every one if I recall correctly.

    Actually all the governments are pretty much the same today. There's very little difference today between the Monarchy of England, the current USA system, and the communist Russia governments which are now all labled democracies.

    Old history books listed democracy the last on a list of types of governments. Republican form was first, while even communist and socialist ranked higher than democracy. Democracy means part rule. Which part? The money part.
    The american people were also duped that this current form of our economy (capitalism) is good when it's no or not much different than any other countries. Some may beg to differ, but when you look and see that 75% of all stocks are owned by the government on every level then it's not much different for real. Then you look at the paper and see all the constant government-business partnerships then you'll see that this country is probably the biggest fascist country in the world.
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    I'm a Directv sub and have three recievers. I pay $4.99 per additional receiver and have no problem doing so. When I originally signed up with Directv, I knew that it would cost $4.99 per additional receiver, so I really have no ground to complain. The $4.99 shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. If you know the rules going in and agree to those rules, you have no legitimate complaint, regardless of what their reasoning is for charging it.
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    $4.99 seems to be an industry standard for additional tuners. I think it's a fair rate.
    In fact, I think it's pretty cool E* is leaning towards not charging for 2 tuners on the 721's. Last I checked, Ultimate TV users were paying the additional tuner fee on their units.
  14. Guest

    "Last I checked, Ultimate TV users were paying the additional tuner fee on their units."

    This isn't true. I pay the $4.99 for the additional receiver, the same as it was any other receiver. I actually have five tuners (2 UTV receivers with two tuners each, and my standard Mitsubishi). I pay $4.99 each for two additional receivers and $9.95 UTV fee (only pay once, even though I have two UTV receivers).

    After I read that, it makes no sense. Here is what I pay:

    Total Choice Plus w/locals - $39.99
    UltimateTV service - $9.95
    Add'l receiver - $4.99
    Add'l receiver - $4.99

  15. Guest

    Isn't TC PLUS and locals $39.99 ?
  16. Guest

    Sorry about that. Sometimes the fingers type faster than the brain. I edited my message to reflect the correct price.
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