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$40 channel list

Discussion in 'VoomTalk.Com (Closed Forum)' started by peterd, Mar 19, 2004.

  1. peterd

    peterd AllStar

    Dec 16, 2003
    Would somone with the basic ($40) Voom package please post a list of the HD channels? (Or point me to someplace where the list is already available online.) I've looked through their website, but haven't found a full list of which channels are included for $40/month.

  2. rickaren

    rickaren AllStar

    Jan 22, 2003

    Several sources for List, even on VOOM's Site. Just got it installed Wednesday and hooked to Home Theater today. Main Channels are Voom's HD Channels 100-130 for 21, plus you will receive HBO HD East(may be a sample) plus Discovery HD, Bravo HD. At least one of the above is part of package. To add the Movie HD's they cost $14.90 (1 free) or $79.90 gets you everything. I have 16 OTA Locals plus 130 other channels for that $39.90 price. Great deal. Really happy so far but have everything from DirecTV too and Locals that can be recorded by TiVO. Since no HD recorder yet for VOOM, will keep most of present DirecTV and HD and watch VOOM live. Wife watched a Dog Show tonight in HD from VOOM. Looked great and lasted about two hours, and was first complete show watched. Kind of like having about 20 HDNET & HD NET Movie channels instead of two from DirecTV! Was going to buy HD TiVO, but will wait to see what VOOM does and enjoy all these HD programs now and save that money.
  3. peterd

    peterd AllStar

    Dec 16, 2003
    Rick -

    Thanks for the info. As I said, I looked all over Voom's site. All I found was the entire channel list (nothing that specifically says which channels are in the basic package).

    Focusing just on HD channels, do I understand correctly that the $40 package includes all HD except HBO (not counting the HBO-HD East sample), SHO, Starz, TMC and Cinemax? In other words, channels 100-130, 501, 601 and 999?

  4. Mike123abc

    Mike123abc Hall Of Fame/Supporter DBSTalk Gold Club

    Jul 19, 2002
    The VOOM website has to rank as one of the most annoying and uninformative web sites that exists. It is almost impossible to find out any information on it. They need to have the channels listed that are available in a list not some funky sideways scrolling logo screen.

    They also need a clear listing of charges.
  5. rickaren

    rickaren AllStar

    Jan 22, 2003
    Peter & Others:

    As of this Sunday A.M. I have the following HD Channels (you can sort to view only real HD programs now playing on program guide) I have 19 in the first 130 channels. I do receive HBO HD EAST on 201 but as of this time the program is NOT HD, but if it was I could view it in HD. I do not receive HBO HD WEST that presently has an HD program showing on 202 and states you need to Up-grade to view. Same for Cinemax HD EAST (221) and TMC HD (251). I do receive Bravo HD (501) and Discovery (601) and they are both now showing an HD program. Since no customer of VOOM is presently receiving any billing for programing and since I have been on it less than a week, it's anyones guess as to what the one free HD Marquee that is part of the $39.90 package includes, I think. Some discussions suggest that you may have your choice to pick one of the packages, but the VOOM Web Site states it is Discovery HD Theater. Time will tell if my HBO EAST and Bravo HD stay. I can state that their picture quality are stunning and every bit as good as HDNET on DirecTV and local PBS OTA, that I presently receive also. They are better that other HD programing presently being shown by DirecTV! Add to it that all OTA channels (HD & SD) are much clearer than I receive now on my HD DirecTV receiver (that may be due to the free outside antenna VOOM installed or just a better HD receiver or both) I am very pleased with VOOM. Some have complained about their SD channels not being crisp but most I have viewed look good, too. To soon to say I will drop DirecTV completely due to some Sports (SD &HD) and my Locals that will only be available from DirecTV and my major investment in their equipment (TiVO's & HD receiver) but VOOM will allow me to reduce some of the cost of their programing especially when VOOM brings out their own PVR. Hope this helps some.

    Peter, TRY VOOM with no commitment, no equipment charge, and free installation now (limited-time offer?) and don't cancel your DISH service until you compare it to VOOM!
  6. John Howard

    John Howard Guest

    Here's your VOOM channel list:
    You're welcome. :)

  7. DarrellP

    DarrellP Hall Of Fame

    Apr 24, 2002
    Here's an Excel spreasheet that someone else posted and I enhanced it.
  8. Al K

    Al K New Member

    Jan 23, 2004
    Like peterd, I've been looking for a definition of the Voom programming package. Thanks John Howard and DarrellP.

    Al Keown

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