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4900 upgrade problem

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by -, Mar 6, 2002.

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    I would like to know if anybody is having this problem. When I checked out the dish home for the first time. I switched back or changed the channel and the screen went all black no sound and no picture.

    I heard some clicking going on in the receiver. I turned off the unit 3 times and then it was ok. Today 2 day's later my girlfriend turned it on while I was at work and called me to tell me the screen was all black and it wasn't working. Like I need to hear this at work.

    I told her to turn it off then back on again and then it was ok. What is up with Echostar software. What's going to happen when my 501 get's this upgrade? :rolleyes:
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    The same thing has happened to me once - unplug the 4900 for a little while then plug it back in. That should force a software reset. Sheesh, I sound like a Dish csr, but that really will help with this problem.
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    Just about the samething happened to me after the Dish Home upgrade. First of all I got the snowy screen. My receiver wouldn't turn back on. I would turn it off and turn it back on, it would stay on for 5 sec' and then it would turn off again....:D

    Finally, unplugging it resolved the problem.
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    That's exactly what mine did as well, John.
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    Well I get upgrades 4 or 5 day's after everyone else. I think I will switch my 501 to take upgrades with my permision. I hope they straighten this out. My 4900 is out of warranty and I don't plan on replacing it because of their fowlup. Just last week I was praising my 4900. I guess that's what I get. forgot to knock on wood after I said it.
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