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501 non-volatile memory test

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by acp, Apr 22, 2002.

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  1. acp

    acp Cool Member

    Apr 22, 2002
    I was having a 501 problem and tech support suggested checking the status of the non-volatile memory. The test is activated by entering the Diagnostics screen then:

    Press Info 2 times
    Press Browse
    Press Themes

    Next a memory map screen is displayed. The notice was the non-volaeile was corrupted. The tech said to power down the system for 15 minutes and do the check again. If the memory was still corrupt the unit is defective.

    I hung up the phone, powered down the system for the requisite 15 minutes, repowered, performed the memory check and it showed corrupted non-volatile memory again. I repeated the test two more times with the same result.

    I called tech support back, reported the results and the tech I got this time told me it was "normal" to get a corrupted memory message everytime you run the test. What the hell is this?

    I haven't called back, thought I'd ask around a couple of the forums to see what kind of information I can glean. I've been an engineer all my life, now retired, and I have never designed a test with a response like that or heard of one like that either.

    When I was describing the problem originally I told the tech that the problem only occured on the 501, the two 3800s were fine. He tells me that the 501 is designed with new "more sensitive" circuitry that will be affected by signal problems more so than the old technology 3800s. What the hell is this? People with a little knowledge can be dangerous,

    Then it turns out the porblem was apparently caused by some "adjustments" they were making to the Orlando locals!

    My main question is about the non-volatile memory test. Anyone know how it is "supposed" to work?

  2. brmann

    brmann Legend

    Apr 22, 2002
    I was having a timer problem and the second csr (the first one simply disappeared as soon as I described my problem to him) had me perform the same test you are describing - except that he wasn't interested in any messages - he simply wanted to dump and refresh the memory. Afterwords things seemed to be working ok but next morning when I got up and turned the receiver on mr blinky was doing his thing (although there were no timers set). Latter in the day I set some timers and that night the very first one failed to fire. Reset the timer and for the past week or so everything seems to be functioning ok. Back to the memory dump - it also dumped my favorites list and channel order sequence, but not my previously recordings.

    While on the line with the csr I asked him the proper method to kill my blinky. He seemed surprised I would ask such a dumb question and simply responded with "the cancel button". I told him about how this had at one time caused my timers to malfunction but he seemed unimpressed or at least unconvinced that a lowly consumer had knowledge that he did not have.
  3. DarrellP

    DarrellP Hall Of Fame

    Apr 24, 2002
    There is a procedure for resetting the NVRAM back to Factory Defaults. It is very similar to the old HD reinit for the 501 but the last keystroke is different. It was posted at DBSForums awhile back.

    My 501 never had a problem with Mr Blinky or timers until V 153. Since 153 Mr Blinky has given me the black screen of death and I have had more timers screw up than I can count.

    I RMA'd my 501 last week and the new one is no better. The hard drive is just as noisy, timers misfire, don't fire, dissappear or don't stop recording so I have another 501 coming. I am going to call Dish with every little problem I encounter from here on out.
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