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501 RECORD button will change 4900 address

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by -, Feb 10, 2002.

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    I have a 501 and 4900 in the same room. The 501 is remote address 3, the 4900 is address 1. When I press the 501 remotes RECORD button it will reprogram the 4900 to address 3, even though the 4900 isn't even turned on. Pressing the RECORD button on the 4900 remote does not cause the same problem with the 501. Dish's response: Pull out the 4900's smartcard when using the RECORD button on the 501! He says that they do not feel that this is a problem!! Anyone come up with any better solutions?
    After further troubleshooting with various addresses and conditions, it appears as if the 4900 is always receptive to address changes. I believe this should only be the case when you are looking at the 4900's System Info screen.

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    Hi Bsudy, These are some of my initial thoughts.

    I really don't think you done anything wrong, I have those same two IRD's. I have a 501 with 2 remotes, one for the upstairs and 1 for the downstairs and a 4900 with 1 remote which is also upstairs. We have no problems. My thought would be that the 4900 has got a problem, I would call Dish Network once again, hopefully you will get a better CSR.

    Are these IRD's new ones? Did you just get them or did it just start happening all of a sudden?

    Could it be the 501 remote is sending the wrong signal and it's changing the 4900 remote address? guess your wondering this to.

    Does the 501 record when you push the record button?

    I never got my remote book.....*sigh*, this is the 3rd remote question I've seen this week.

    Sounds like to me if the 501 will record when you push the record button, then there is a problenm with the 4900 IRD.

    Im just thinking and typing, lets see what some of the others peeps around here think. :)
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    Talked to two more CSR's at Dish and got silly ideas like putting tape over one of the remotes, removing the UHF antenna of the 501, and moving the 4900 further away from the 501.

    Well, it turned out to be as simple as unplugging the 4900 for awhile. That reset the receiver...no thanks to Dish.
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    Glad you got your problems solved. I haven't had any problems with the 4900 at all, now my 501 I've had to push in and hold the power button for 5 secs in order to do a reset. Keep that in mind about your 501 to, when something weird starts happening, its time for a reset.
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