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501 Software Update Coming

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by -, Oct 25, 2001.

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    The following was posted by Ken Stuart in the 501-721 Yahoo mail group.

    A new software release, P122, is going to be spooled within the next few
    days. This will include bug fixes and changes designed to hopefully
    eliminate that various hard disk corruption problems that have caused
    some recordings to become unusable. I hear that this time, they are
    going to do two different spoolings (based on a hardware number), so
    don't panic if other people have the software and you don't - the idea
    is to be able to stop the release halfway through if there is a
    significant bug turned up the first day.

    After that, the next software release should include the following fun

    - 9 day EPG
    - Guide can be used while recording
    - Clicking on the current program in the guide will start a recording of
    the live stream that lasts until the end of the current program (if you
    want to go back in the pause buffer, you will still need to manually
    stop the recording just as you do now - but they are working on
    expanding all this in the near future).

    During the Tech Chat, they mentioned this should be available "by
    Thanksgiving", ie within the next month (I haven't heard any further on
    the release date, but the code is done and has entered testing).

    So, that leaves only the Search amongst the Big Four requests (which was
    promised on the Tech Chat to be added "by the Super Bowl").

    Also, for the future, they plan to entirely redo the Timers and PVR
    Event screens, since they realize that the current screens - which were
    based on the existing 4900 screens - could be improved significantly.
    This should be some time next year.
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    Thanks for the info there.... have you heard anything about callerID on the 501? I heard it was coming, but I didn't hear when.
  3. Guest

    Caller ID was listed as one of the upgrades we'll see "by the superbowl" during the last tech forum. Of course, they didn't indicate *which* superbowl... :)
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