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6 of the best DREAMSCREENS that money can buy

Discussion in 'High Definition Displays' started by Jack White, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. Jack White

    Jack White Icon

    Sep 17, 2002
    For people who don't want to mess with a dark room and a projector to get a larger than life Home Theater Experience, these are 6 of the BEST DREAM SCREENS THAT MONEY CAN BUY. Do you notice anything in common about them? There's not a single LCD or LED among them.
    That's becuase Plasmas are the FINEST LARGE SCREEN direct view displays currently available. The average Jerry Springer watching Beer Drinking redneck may think that LCDs and LED-LCDs are better than Plasmas but they're the same idiots who thought that Iraq had WMDs in 2003. Anyway, if one of you gets a GREAT JOB or maybe wins the lottery here are some of the finest displays ever made.

    Pioneer Elite Signature Series 141-FD

    60" Plasma $7,000 MSRP

    Panasonic Premiere TH-65VX100U 65-inch plasma

    $10,000 MSRP

    Panasonic TH-85PF12U 85" Plasma Display
    $30,000 MSRP

    Panasonic TH103PF9UK 103 inch Professional Series 103" Plasma Display
    MSRP $70,000

    Runco XP-103DHD 103" Plasma Wall System
    $100,000 MSRP


    Panasonic TH-152UX1 $500,000+ 152" 4K Resolution 3D Plasma for the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

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