612 fan flow direction

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    Ambient air is the air that surrounds the system in question; the air outside the DVR.
    It shows how the fan draws in air from the outside of the DVR. In the case of the picture that I posted, it shows ductwork from the outside of the case to the fan and from the fan to the interior of the DVR.

    When you're asking for help, it is best if you provide any additional information that is requested unless you think it represents giving up too much personal information.
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    There are slots for outside air to be drawn in from either side of the case so the fan can be oriented to draw ambient air from either side. The picture does not show the airflow and does not help. What helped is the statement that air from fan must blow over the hard drive and not pull air from the hard drive. All else is of no help but I would still like to hear from someone who has ACTUALLY opened a 612 and KNOWS the airflow direction. From all information so far received all I can CONCLUDE not KNOW is that the air blows for right to left inside the case as I am looking at the front the case so barring any concrete information on air flow I'll go with the conclusion stated before.
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    The picture tells the whole story for those that can read it. It shows how and where the cool exterior air enters the case (through the short duct to the case wall). If the ductwork weren't there, the fan would mostly be stirring the hot interior air and that's not going to effectively chill anything.

    In this kind of a setup you can't always be sure where the fan exhaust needs to go but you can be certain that the intake will come as directly as possible from the outside of the case.
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    I did that for same HW design of 622/722 and gave you real answers! And please accept my real knowledge.

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