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622 Install - Good Problems - Bad

Discussion in 'ViP612/622/722/722K DVR Support Forum' started by BillJ, Feb 28, 2006.

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  1. BillJ

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    May 5, 2005
    First, kudos to the supervisor who was willing to look at my situation last week and get my install moved up. I had lost my 2/23 install date due to a screw up at the installer's office combined with Dish's goofy computer system which rescheduled me to 3/10. It wasn't my fault and I'm leaving on a 12 day trip on 3/8. The supervisor contacted the field office and got me 2/28 install with a Dish 1000 for my HD locals. Thank you, whoever you are.

    Installer here about 10 AM and had no problem replacing my D500 with D1000. I already had the 622 connected and ready to activate. It came up just fine. One little problem: no signal at TV2. It was installer's first 622 and we were both scratching our heads. Then he noticed TV2 was recording online manuals or something. Once it finished TV2 was fine.

    Now the problems - First, installer disconnected my 61.5 dish, claiming I wouldn't need it. I tried to tell him there are several public service channels only on 61.5 plus I wanted to keep CBS-HD East available. Couldn't convince him to install the needed (and expensive) DPP 44 switch. So my 61.5 dish is no longer functioning unless I want to pony up my own $$$ for the switch.

    Okay, everything else is good. Installer leaves. I call Dish and add new HD's to programming. I go through setup and preferences and get everything the way I want it. I've had almost 2 weeks to read the manual so this was easy. Switch to Single Mode with Shared View, which is most logical for me with TV2 in the next room from TV1. Hate that scrunched format on a 4:3 TV though. Stretch fixes it but Dish really should allow full screen to TV2 (see other threads on this problem). Try pausing live TV. Hey, this is cool.

    Now the big problem - time for lunch. Just as I head for the kitchen the screen goes black and the audio goes to a horrible screeching static on both TV's. Run in the bedroom and turn on the 301. Everything is fine so it has to be the 622. Back to the 622. Nothing works. Remote is useless. Just about ready to call Dish when the unit reboots itself. Is this the same rebooting problem reported in other threads? Hope Dish finds a quick fix. I want to record several programs while I'm traveling.

    Bottom line: I'm thrilled to finally have the pretty silver paperweight installed. My initial impression of it's features it positive. I'll play with recording timers this afternoon. But I'm pissed about losing my 61.5 feed and scared by the reboot.
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