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  1. Rob Glasser

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    Feb 22, 2005
    Here are the release notes for L4.62 on the 625:

    • Updated screen saver ('DISH bulletin board')
    • DVR folders feature
    • Non-Sat. remote mode pop-up (908) feature
    • QAM fixes (Q-BOX) for MDU customers
    • Signal loss fixes

    In addition an update went through 10/18/07 - 10/19/07 that increased the 625 recording capacity from 100 hrs to 150 hrs. This update is only applied in the following scenarios:
    • New 625 receivers newly installed
    • Remaining 625 receivers newly installed
    • Customer 625 receivers that have NO RECORDED EVENTS ON THE HARD DRIVE.

    Customers with recorded content on their HDD will not receive this partition update

    If at any time in the future, a customer clears all recorded events from the HDD and the 625 receives the nightly sw update, it will be re-partitioned with the increased recording capacity
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