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A couple questions before I sign

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by zlak, Oct 20, 2007.

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  1. zlak

    zlak Cool Member

    Oct 20, 2007
    :confused: :confused: :confused: I left Direct a year ago. Prices high and still could not get locals and needed multiple recivers. Havent had anything since. I have looked at dish for a couple years. I never signed for a couple reasons. 1. I have a large 5 year old sony projection tv. My direct looked great on it but have been told that dish wouldnt have the same picture due to something with the way they compress signal. This was a few years ago I was told this. 2. I really hate having someone come install at my house. I moved a couple times with direct, set it up myself and was fine. Dish set up a system at my mothers house and she has 4 brackets on her roof. Installer tried different spots that evidently did not work. I would take off the day for install here and would just ask them to leave if I had a problem I guess. 3. What is the max cable run from dish to receiver. I dont want it on my roof but would want it on a garage out back. Would be 30 ft of cable run in ground with appr. total run of 90-100ft. And would it be better to run some type of conduit or direct burial. The place where my direct dish is still mounted to the house is very close to loosing signal due to tree growth. And from what I have looked at it looks like dish would face even farther west so would be impossible to pick up signal. 4. And is the dvr 625 here to stay for awhile that anyone knows ? I sure seems like a huge problem and cost to upgrade once you actually have a contract.
    Thank you in advance for answers, opinions etc.
  2. BNUMM

    BNUMM Hall Of Fame

    Dec 23, 2006
    1. Without seeing a receiver connected I cannot answer this.
    2. They should be able to use the to use the existing mount if you are using a triple lnb dish.
    3. You should be fine with 100 ft.
    4. The 625 should be fine unless you plan to upgrade to HD.

    If you have a single lnb D* dish then the trees will definitely be a problem. If you have a triple lnb D* dish then you may be OK for a while. Remember that most of the programming will come from the 119 satellite for Dish, while DirecTv has most of their programming on the 101 satellite.
  3. David_NC

    David_NC Mentor

    Apr 13, 2007
    I'm no expert, but...

    1) I have a 7 year old Zenith rear projection TV connected to my Dish 625 DVR. It looks fine (as good as this TV's gonna look, anyway). I use the TV2 output on a 14 year old RCA 27" with the composite outputs. It looks fine, too.

    2) Why not have Dish install the dish itself and make sure it has a decent signal? Then, you can install the rest of the equipment yourself, if you desire. Mine was installed by a contractor that Dish selected. He did a very good job, but I was there every moment. I can see how that would annoy most installers, but I crawled under the house and let him feed the cable down to me, so I don't think he really minded.

    3) I believe the new Dish Pro equipment can run up to 200' on RG-6. I generally use polyethylene flexible pipe for conduit where damage protection is required. It's cheap, flexible, and comes in 100' rolls so there are no joints to snag cables. Direct burial cable is available, though.

    4) What contract? I didn't sign any contract, although it was offered to me. I just paid the $49 install fee. It's cheaper than Time Warner and the prices I was quoted by D.

  4. jcwell8

    jcwell8 New Member

    Oct 20, 2007
    1: i've heard the same about quality but actually seen no difference between direct's and dish's video quality on the same resolution/cable/tv
    2:Dish requires install's on movers/promotions so they can be warrantied providing the customer calls in with the issue in 90 days. If you install or move its $99 to get a tech out after the fact. Your issue can be remedied by being party to all aspects of your installation, you can refuse to sign and get a diff installer if unsatisfied
    3:Max cable run is 200 ft on dish pro equipment, any more runs risk if losing integrity. Legacy 100-200 ft but you'll get DP if you promo
    4:625 is staying for a while for SD tvs. The best way to go is 722 or new 621 in the future. 722 has larger hard drive and has more features that will be activated via future sw download. You don't have to sign under standard DHA promotion and get the same eqp, but you lose the free activation/warranty package/promotional premiums. If your account stays in good standing 6 months into service you can currently get a $100 dollar rebate on upgrades which don't run over $199
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