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A/V Cables, Adapters, where to buy them ?

Discussion in 'General Satellite Discussion' started by -, Feb 18, 2002.

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  1. Guest

    I know most of us run down to the Rat Shack to buy these, but have any of you found any good Internet sites to buy cabling ? Kind of like an all in one place where you can find, Audio Cables & Adapters, Video Cables & Adapters, Computer Cables & Adapters, Ethernet Networking Hardware,Telecom/Modular Cables. Stuff like this
  2. Guest

    Home depot has great pricing on bulk cable... I buy my RG6 and bulk cat5 from them... I think I pay something like $.14 per foot for RG6, and they carry the quad-shield RG6 as well. They have been a decent source for ethernet stuff, but www.datacommwarehouse.com has good pricing on that stuff...
  3. Guest

    While Home Depot is a great place to buy cable the nearest one to me is 100 miles in the next major town down the road (Polson isn't a major town to me...). This my be the same situation the OP is in. Driving an hour and a half each way for cable is a pain. For more obscure stuff, I'd suggest checking out a2zcables.com . They have an excellent selection
  4. Guest

    How about Here ;) :D

    Seriously, the folks at AVS seem to like BetterCables.com
  5. Guest

    Steve, BetterCables aren't better. Just prettier and more expensive
  6. Guest

    Ya, I know, but thats what alot of folks at AVS recommend, personally I think theyre just like Monster, no better then normal cables just cost a few more $$$. RatShack is my home for cables.
  7. Guest

    Wow....Thanks for the help. :)
  8. JerryR

    JerryR Legend/Supporter DBSTalk Gold Club

    Jun 17, 2004
    I just rec'd a large order from A2Z Cables that I placed earlier this week. Once they're connected, they will tell the real story but these are not cheap, wimpy cables. They appear to be very well made. I was hesitant to order from an Internet source unknown to me but I don't think I'll be disappointed. If you are in the market for cables, check them out. As mentioned earlier in this thread, their selection is fantastic.
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