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A Yea for DBS Merger

Discussion in 'Archive' started by -, Nov 9, 2001.

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    A Yea for DBS Merger

    The yeas are beginning to surface in the trade press concerning EchoStar's bid to take over Hughes and DirecTV.

    This week, Broadcasting and Cable magazine said if Charlie Ergen's $25.8 billion offer for Hughes and DirecTV gets the OK at the Justice Department, the Federal Communications Commission should approve the deal as well. "With the proposed merger of EchoStar and DirecTV parent Hughes last week, the government may finally get the cable competition it has been looking for, if it doesn't suddenly get cold feet," the publication said.

    Meanwhile, Northpoint's Sophia Collier made her case about spectrum sharing between satellite and proposed wireless services - especially in light of the DBS merger - to USA Today. She told the paper that the EchoStar/DirecTV deal makes it "starkly obvious that we need a new competitor.

    "The ones who are successful have their own facilities, like cable or satellites. Our system will be the new facilities-based competitor," she said.

    Satellite interests have been vigorously fighting Northpoint and its wireless spectrum-sharing effort at the FCC. They are concerned wireless technology that shares DBS spectrum will interfere with satellite signals.

    Reposted with Permission from Skyreport

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