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About to upgrade to HD, MPEG 4 questions

Discussion in 'DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion' started by jmarks2001, Jan 11, 2006.

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  1. jmarks2001

    jmarks2001 New Member

    Jan 11, 2006
    I normally post over at TivoCommunity.com (and I posted this there too), but seeing as it kind of deals with DirecTV's new non-Tivo DVR, I thought it might be a little off-topic over there. Here goes...

    As a longtime D* customer who's been thinking about taking the HD plunge, all this MPEG2 to MPEG4 stuff is confusing me. I currently have a to DTivo setup (bedroom only has one tuner active). Since I'd be replacing the TV in my living room, I thought it would just be a matter of a) upgrading to the elliptical dish, and b) upgrading my receiver to the HR10-250.

    What complicates matters is that I'm a little less than honest to DTV about where I live as it gives me the local and sports programming I want (originally I did it just to get locals, but after they started offering my locals, I didn't want to give up the sports).

    I'm in a relatively small market, but D* thinks I'm in NJ (NY market). If I have to have them come out to do an installation/upgrade, I'll change my address with them ahead of time (like I did when I got them to upgrade me to a DTivo for free), then change it back later. So in order to get NY Locals and Sports and get the maximum amount of HD content without the hassle of multiple installations (which means changing my address 4 times instead of 2), I should probably wait until the HR20 is released.

    Couple questions though:

    1) Seeing as I'm not in an MPEG4 area, will they set me up with the right dish? The dish is different (and pointed different) than the current ellipticals receiving the MPEG2 signal, right?

    2) Will locals be spot-beamed? Will I even be able to get the NY locals if I'm several hundred miles south of the tri-state area?

    3) Is there any other national HD content (TBS,TNT,USA,etc.) that will be immediately available with MPEG4 (that's not available with MPEG2).

    4) If I opt for the HR10-250 while it's still available, will I be set for a while? I know I'll be okay for locals, since NY HD locals are already available in MPEG2. But what about other HD content. Will I miss out on stuff that gets rolled out in MPEG4, but not in MPEG2? Or is the plan to use the MPEG4 signal for the 1500 locals, and not much else?

    Answers to these questions and any other information will be greatly appreciated. Oh, and if I'm completely off-base about something, please tell me.

    Thanks in advance!
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