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Discussion in 'DIRECTV Connected Home' started by wdhendrick, Nov 19, 2010.

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    I recently moved and had whole-home dvr service with internet access at my old address. I moved and took the receivers with me and the installer set everything up (4 DVRs and 1 regular HD receiver) but apparently forgot to hook up the SWM16 to my router. Rather than make someone come back out, I was just going to do it myself since I have the DECA from my old house that he didn't hook up. I have a SWM16 that is fed by the 4 lines from the dish. From that SWM 16 there are 2 lines going out, one each to an 8 way splitter. 1 splitter feeds 3 receivers, the other feeds 2 plus the power inverter - at least I think that's how it's hooked up. Now, my question is how to I get internet access to this set up? I actually have an active 5 port switch nearby, so do I simply run some RG6 from any of the open spots on either of the splitters in to the DECA, and then plug that in to my network switch? I just don't want to ruin anything... all the receivers are networked to each other fine, they just don't currently have internet access...
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    You need the DECA and a Power supply for it. DECA wall side to an open port on a splitter, DECA receiver side to the Power Supply and Ethernet to the router. Once it is connected you'll need to go around and reset everything so it picks up an IP and the network information from your router.
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    And yes you may plug the ethernet portion of the internet connection DECA into an ethernet switch as long as the switch eventually leads to the router.

    Actually MRV DECA clouds sometimes operate better this way by tying them to your router and home network through an intermediate ethernet switch for this way.

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