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Discussion in ' Contests Forum (Closed Forum)' started by Mark Holtz, May 16, 2004.

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  1. Mark Holtz

    Mark Holtz New Texan

    Mar 23, 2002
    [size=+2]12 Teams. 40,000 Miles. 1 Winner.[/size]
    But no contest this year.

    I know that many of you had participated in the Amazing Race contest last summer. It was a change of pace from Mark’s Survivor contest, and I threw in some twists all the way. Almost all of the prizes came from my own back pocket, and none of it came from the fund that keeps DBS Talk running.

    But, as Mark Lamutt can attest to, there is a lot more that goes on in running a contest. You have the easy part of just casting your vote. We have the hard part of tabulating the results, coming up with the questions, and making judgment calls. Mark has stated that each week of the Survivor contest takes up at least eight to ten hours of his time each week. (And we do appreciate the work you do, Mark. And thank you, Dish Depot, for providing the prizes.)

    [size=+2]2 Classes. 6 Units. 4 Evenings. 1 Student.[/size]
    That’s what it is going to be for me for both the months of June and July. The courses that I’m taking, Macroeconomics and English Composition, are essential for transfer to California State University in Sacramento this fall. This is on top of working my normal 40 hour weeks. August is completely up in the air, and classes will start right after Labor Day. The tuition for CSU is much, much higher than it is for California community colleges, and, without a doubt, the classes are probably more stringent than at the community college level. That’s why I have a DirecTiVo as part of my setup, and a HDTV setup is out of the question.

    This is quite important to me. A degree may not guarantee a job, but it would help. So does real-world experience. I am entering the Business Administration-MIS program. This is something that I didn’t expect to happen five years ago, and something that I thought I had lost forever. But, I still have plenty of good years ahead of me, and it is never too late to get a degree. It would mean a few more years of working weekends in order to take the classes I need during the week and being on call. But I believe the sacrifice will be worth it in the end.

    I will confess, however, that if I had the opportunity to participate in The Mole or The Amazing Race, I would not hesitate for a second. They have already announced a Amazing Race 6. Survivor, on the other hand.... maybe not.

    So, thank you for your understanding, and enjoy the show.
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