Amazing Race Talk-LEG 5 (8/3)

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  1. Mark Holtz

    Mark Holtz New Texan

    Mar 23, 2002
    U.S. citizens must always possess a valid U.S. passport and appropriate visas for travel to or transit through Russia, whether by train, car, ship or airplane. The visas should be obtained from a Russian Embassy or Consulate in the U.S. or abroad in advance of travel, as it is impossible to obtain a Russian entry visa upon arrival. Travelers who arrive without an entry visa are not permitted to enter Russia and face immediate expulsion by route of entry, at the traveler’s expense.

    On the next episode of The Amazing Race:
    [size=+2]Are You Good at Puzzles?[/size]
    • The teams travel to the Sphinx in Cairo, Egypt.
    • At the mercy of a foreign cab driver, Linda & Karen have trouble communicating where they need to go and miss a very critical flight. Can they catch up?
    • Stuck with a pack of Teams waiting for a flight, cousins Charla & Mirna make a stealthy move away in the middle of the night.
    • Trying to complete a task, one Team is hopelessly lost amongst the great pyramids on the Giza Plateau when they run into a rival Team. Will the rival Team bury the hatchet and help the lost duo, or leave them behind to lose?
    • Teams are forced to face their fears of dark, cramped spaces as they must descend the ancient shaft to a watery tomb.
  2. Mark Holtz

    Mark Holtz New Texan

    Mar 23, 2002
    Departure from pit stop:
    1. Chip & Kim (FP-1)-9:11 AM
    2. Colin & Christie (FP-3)-9:42 AM
    3. Marshall & Lance (LP-3)-10:09 AM
    4. Charla & Mirna-10:13 AM
    5. Brandon & Nicole (FP-2)-11:50 AM
    6. Linda & Karen-12:14 PM
    7. Kimi & Karlie (LP-2,4)-12:50 PM
    Differential: 3:39
    Money: $123

    1st Train - Chip & Kim
    2nd Train - Colin & Christie
    3rd Train - Marshall & Lance
    4th Train - Charla & Mirna
    5th Train - Brandon & Nicole
    6th Train - Linda & Karin, Kimi & Karlie

    Departure from St. Petersberg
    Air France to Cairo via Paris - Colin & Christie
    Lufthausen-evening to Cairo via Frankfurt - Chip & Kim, Marshal & Lance, Brandon & Nichole, Marshall & Lance, Kimi & Karlie, Charla & Mirna
    Lufthausen-morning to Cairo via Frankfurt - Linda & Karin

    Departure from Frankfurt
    Flight #1 - Charla & Mirna
    Flight #2 - Chip & Kim, Marshal & Lance, Brandon & Nichole, Marshall & Lance, Kimi & Karlie, Linda & Karin

    Arrival at pit stop:
    1. Colin & Christie (FP-3 5, FF#1-5)
    2. Charla & Mirna of Arabia
    3. Brandon & Nicole (FP-2)
    4. Chip & Kim (FP-1)
    5. Marshall & Lance (LP-3)
    6. Kimi & Karlie (LP-2 4)
    7. Linda & Karen (LP-5) :hair:
  3. Mark Holtz

    Mark Holtz New Texan

    Mar 23, 2002
    At the beginning of this race, Phil said: "As for the other pit stops, you don't want to be last at those either. If you are, you won't be happy because there is a new twist in this race, and that new twist will make lives very very difficult."

    It would have been interesting if Linda & Karen were handed an Amazing Race "Grace" envelope where it told them what was about to happen.

    "The good news is that this is the first of four predetermined non-elimination legs. and you both are still in the race. The bad news is... there is a new twist in this race. I need you to empty out your pockets and your wallet. Give me all your money. Whatever you got, just hand it over to me. In addition, the start of the next leg of the race, you will receive no money. You're still in this, but you're hanging on by a thread. The question is how are you going to stay in this race without a penny to your name?Good luck, get some rest, because I think you're going to need it."
  4. cdru

    cdru Hall Of Fame

    Dec 4, 2003
    I know that each leg they get a certian spending allowance for cab fare, bus tickets, etc. Does this money also go towards meals?
    It looked like in the preview they were begging or bartering for an apple so I'm guessing the money also go towards food
    but was just looking for someone who knew for sure.
  5. Danny R

    Danny R Goblin the Pug DBSTalk Gold Club

    Jul 5, 2002
    The application states that going without food for extended periods of time is part of the race.

    Everything I've seen seems to indicate that teams are on their own if they want to eat during an actual leg of the race. They are however provided with food at the pit stops, and I imagine savvy contestants pack a to-go meal from that to take with them. I can't absolutely confirm it however.
  6. Mark Holtz

    Mark Holtz New Texan

    Mar 23, 2002
    The money that the racers get must cover all expenses between pit stops with the sole exception being plane tickets. They have a credit card that allows them to pay for tickets (and only that), and they must be economy/coach tickets. (During the first season, one team convinced the ticket agent to upgrade two passengers from economy to business class, while another got business class seats at economy rates.)

    During the 12 hour pit stop, they get to be interviewed, can eat, sleep, etc.

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