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    I have started watching His Dark Materials on HBO. I set up a seasons pass, but noticed yesterday that this week's episode had not recorded. When I viewed the "All Seasons" option for the show, I observed that the next episode (S1 E4) is being shown on Monday, Nov 25. Yet, the information screen for the episode shows that it the episode originally aired Sun, Nov 24. I opened the guide for Nov 24 and browsed the listings for HBO from midnight through 11pm, and S1 E4 of His Dark Materials is nowhere to be found. This means that the Monday program is no longer considered a "First Run", so I changed the seasons pass to record "All". However, the program on Monday evening is still not set to record. This means I will have to manually remember to record each week's episode, which is a PITA.

    Any idea why a program listing would show a previously aired date that is not actually in the schedule? Oh, yes, for P Smith's benefit, I have an HR54-700 running SW 0x12d8.
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    You should have left it alone. It would have recorded just fine as it was. The real guide data that determines what it records isn’t on the machine yet as they go by the updated guide data it gets right before any given time. And if it misses a recording for some reason it will pick up the repeat airing as long as you don’t tell it to not record the first time.
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