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Another Hr20 first impressions thread.

Discussion in 'DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion' started by vikingguy, Aug 31, 2007.

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  1. vikingguy

    vikingguy Legend

    Aug 1, 2005
    I just got 2 HR20s hooked up this Tuesday. I put one in the living room with the Hr10-250 and the other in the master bedroom. I do admit my Tivo bias it was the reason I switched to D*.

    Here are the things I like about the HR20.

    The picture quality seems to be better than the HR10 most noticable on SD content.

    I really dig the recent search list a lot. For shows on FX,VH1 and SciFi I don't do season passes but once a weeks search each show and record individual episodes. The show are just repeated to much and the guide data is not always the greatest. I don't have the space for unwanted episodes and don't want to sift through the to do list daily to pick out repeats. The recent searches will make that once a week thing much faster.

    The +-12 hour buttons on the guide are also very nice. Makes going a few days a head very fast and easy.

    The video in the upper right hand corner with the guide up is nice.

    It is faster than my tivo when doing house cleaning like updating season pass stuff.

    I can upgrade the box with external hard drives which will happen once the HR20 proves its self as reliable as the hr10-250.

    Up coming on demand service while I only have a 1.5 DSL connection it will still be nice to download movies over night like I do on my xbox 360. I only hope the pricing is more reasonable.

    Things I do not like.

    No DLB I like it and it is a very important feature to me. Thankfully sunday ticket will still be mpeg 2 this year so I can use the tivo on sundays.

    The remote I don't like there the play button is on the thing and it does not balance nice in my hand like the tivo remote.

    So far in a few season links I have set to first run only it is recording repeats. The same season passes on the hr10 is not. One example is supernatural the HR20 recorded the rerun but the Tivo did not.

    I could not figure out a way to edit a season link when no episodes of the show are on the guide. I wanted to double check a few of my season links and since the guide data was not completely updated a few hours after a reboot. When I went to the season link manager area it would not let me highlight and modify the links that did not have up coming recordings.

    I am sure this will be fixed but it would not let me set a season link to beauty and the geek. It would only let me record single episodes no option for a series link.

    The boxes are working very good with no lock ups or missed recordings. The HR10 will get the bulk of the work till the hr20 can prove its self. The HDMI switch box I got from monoprice.com makes having 2 dvrs in 1 room pretty damn easy. Instead of having to hit the video button a bunch of time to get to the right source 1 button on the hdmi box remote switches between them.

    So far so good if they can get me DLB and the box can go months at a time like the tivo with out missing recordings I will be a very happy customer. So far so good I like the box much better than I thought I would.
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