Any deal for signing up for autopay

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by stetterhawk, Dec 18, 2018.

  1. stetterhawk

    stetterhawk New Member

    Aug 4, 2016
    Tower, MN
    They used to give a credit for a year when you signed up for auto pay at Direct TV. I never wanted to do it but am thinking now I will. Does ATT&T still offer any thing for signing up?
  2. syphix

    syphix Hall Of Fame

    Jun 23, 2004
    They did when I signed up back in August. $5-10, can’t remember.

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  3. BrendanJ

    BrendanJ New Member

    Dec 22, 2018
    Danger Will Robinson..... please first do so for the convenience of never worrying about going through the process of paying your bill again, not for a credit. Secondly please if you're on any type of budget stay away also. Giving Directv access to a bank account or credit card on file is basically telling them they have first priority to my money, not me. The borg will overdraft you or put you over your credit limit without caring. It cant be stopped or reasoned with, it has one purpose take your money whether you have any in your specified account or not. Edited: tense of word and spelled out a number
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  4. MysteryMan

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    May 17, 2010
    Hence the saying "A fool and his money are soon parted".
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  5. makaiguy

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    Sep 24, 2007
    Aiken, SC
    I've had a Direct account for over 20 years, and have had direct payment set up for most of it. There have been ZERO problems, overcharges, etc.
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  6. BrendanJ

    BrendanJ New Member

    Dec 22, 2018
    I'm happy it worked out well for you so far.

    Spendthift and/or poor or even price conscience people looking for savings to live sometimes get caught up in abp through large corporation's incentives. An auto-bill payment doesn't go through, after the grace period the customer becomes disconnected then billed for everything(including overdraft fees, early termination fees, equipment non return fees and then it's a few grand down the drain. Late paying customers are encouraged to set-up abp, so a "fun" little cycle can repeat itself with life-changing consequences.
  7. James Long

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    Apr 17, 2003
    Sounds like the type of customer who can't get any discounts and has the CSR say "don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you" when they threaten to cancel to get a deal. :)
  8. BrendanJ

    BrendanJ New Member

    Dec 22, 2018
    Shots fired and missed by a super moderator, personal attacks that are meritless are unbecoming of you.
  9. jimmie57

    jimmie57 Hall Of Fame

    Jun 26, 2010
    Texas City, TX
    What you describe does happen but it should not.
    I have had missed payments when AT&T's setup did not start until the next billing cycle and it was not paid. I called and told them it was not my fault that their system takes a long time to implement and the late charge was removed from my bill.
    DirecTV used to send me an email on the day or maybe a couple of days before it was due and it showed my bill the same as a paper bill in the mail.
    Now that it is AT&T, they send the bill that has no information other than how much my new bill is. Another difference is that my bill is due on the 3rd of the month. I get the email on the 7th or 8th of the month and they do not charge me for it until the 10th of the month.
    I have several other bills that are set up for auto pay. All of them send an email of how much I owe and when I will be charged.
    Another good thing is that I get 2% back on all of those bills from the CC company so I make money on all of them.

    There are times that you must update the expiration date on your CC information or the CC company will decline the charge. That is the person's fault if they do not do that. I have a list and when I get a new expiration date on my CC I go to each site and update the new expiration date on it. If I don't all of the problems are my fault.
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  10. James Long

    James Long Ready for Uplink! Staff Member Super Moderator DBSTalk Club

    Apr 17, 2003
    I wasn't referring to you personally. As for your post ... keep it civil.

    I believe DISH was immediately charging customers when they changed their auto-pay credit/debit cards. (It was either DISH or DIRECTV pre-AT&T, probably DISH.) There are few companies I trust to use auto-pay.
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  11. BrendanJ

    BrendanJ New Member

    Dec 22, 2018
    Fair enough, no hard feelings either way I hope.
  12. inkahauts

    inkahauts Well-Known Member

    Nov 13, 2006
    Eh I just don’t believe in allowing anyone access to my checking or savings. Except maybe health care. That’s about it.

    But credit cards? Yeah absolutely auto pay everything. Just make sure you have a good credit card. Then if there is an issue you can have your credit card not pay it or what have you while it gets sorted out. You aren’t out a dime if something goes wrong. As for over credit limit well then the person is spending more than they know how to manage and probably shouldn’t have a credit card in the first place to be honest, usually. However some cards don’t charge you if you go over a little as long as you always pay off the bill.

    With that said not only have I never been overcharged etc from DIRECTV or anyone else, I don’t even know anyone who has ever been overcharged. So there’s probably a couple hundred years worth of bills totaled up that have never had any issues. I believe this to be the absolute norm. Companies Over drawing is very rare I believe.

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