Anyone call DirecTV and reduce their bill? Share stats here!

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by oliversmall, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. BillBurn

    BillBurn Cool Member

    Mar 21, 2008
    Just an update on my own cancellation (seems to be a trend on this thread). A couple weeks after cancelling I got a email asking me, as a former DirecTV customer, to fill out a survey. The survey was made by an outside firm and it essentially tried to figure out exactly why I canceled and what if anything they could have offered to change my mind before I cancelled. I found the content of the survey interesting because when I called to cancel they didn't make any attempt at all to ask why I was cancelling or how they could retain me. I guess they don't trust their reps to collect that data and are leaving it to a survey firm to collect after the fact.
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  2. eletric chicken

    eletric chicken Member

    Dec 28, 2019
    a rep told me that DTV has been a big problem for ATT that says alot!!! low cost workers don't help either
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    GordonGekko Active Member

    Dec 5, 2015
    They have not cared for years, this is nothing new, if you call to cancel the initial rep will say, "bye", from listening to friends and relatives this has been going on for at least five years, if you want credits, you have to put in the work.
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    GordonGekko Active Member

    Dec 5, 2015
    He sounds like a low value worker.
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    poppo Hall Of Fame

    Oct 10, 2006
    My $7 off Showtime and $7 off Starz for a year ended. I called (loyalty dept) and they would not do anything to try and have me keep those, so I just had them remove them. Nothing I really watch anyway except Ray Donovan. Guess they would rather loose any income then offer a discount. I've been a customer for 23 years.
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    Xsabresx Icon

    Oct 8, 2007
    I have been with Drectv since 2001 and ave never receved a credit for anything, ever. They wouldnt even give me partial credit for the Genie mini I bought out of pocket.

    Last month I called looking for ways to reduce my bill. I have subscribed to Premier/Platinum/whatever it is called now from day one.

    The only thing they would offer to do was drop me down to a lower tier, which I did.
  7. ShanC

    ShanC New Member

    Feb 12, 2018
    I've been a DirecTV customer for 20+ years, and an AT&T mobile (BellSouth, Cingular, etc) customer for even longer. I have combined billing. I always buy the full ride of channels, plus Sunday Ticket and Extra Innings every year. Never been late on any payment ever. I've *always* gotten some type of discount, just by asking. Usually somewhere between $30-$60 per month. My most recent set of discounts was up toward the end of 2019, and each month I've called and asked, and each month I've been told nothing is available, so try back next month. The most recent conversation was with a very pleasant and forthcoming agent in retention, who said he couldn't understand why he wasn't able to pull up many discount options for me, as I was clearly ID'd as their top tier of customer (he said customers are rated from 1-5, and I'm a 5). I did get a meager $10/month for 12 months (though he said there should be more available that he couldn't access now). He then told me that the merger was affecting their customer service platform, and discounts they used to see on their screens are not showing up consistently, but that they should be back once the platforms are finished being merged in April. He also indicated discounts often show up in calendar quarters, so the next batch would also be published for CSRs in April. Was this BS or is there some truth to it? Hard for me to say. I haven't gone to the "I quit" tactic yet. My latest commitment runs through August, so I'll keep trying each month until then, but dealing with them on billing (often wrong) and discounts for the past half a year or so has been frustrating as hell. (Still love the service, though. That's been consistently excellent for me all along).
  8. Getteau

    Getteau Icon

    Dec 19, 2007
    I made my call yesterday after I had a $50 for 12 roll off in December and a $60 for 12 roll off my account in January. When I called retention in December, the lady said I had nothing available then and I needed to wait for my other discount to drop before they could do anything. They gave me $35 off for 12 months and gave me what he called a lifetime waver for the whole home fee and the advanced DVR fee ($13 total). He said the whole home/advanced DVR waver was good until I upgraded any equipment. They also threw in free Showtime for 6 months. I'll miss having a $65 bill, but the new $140 bill is better than a $190 bill. I may end up dropping a couple of receivers to save another $14 while I wait out my contract extension from last year's 4K upgrade.
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  9. armchair

    armchair Hall Of Fame

    Jul 27, 2009
    I've met resistance for discounts expiring and not renewing since the last offer in August for $60 off per month. A $25 and $10 per month discount rolled off. Retention only offered to renew the $10 for 12 months and found a programming credit offer of $10 off for 2 months. Added ongoing whole home DVR discount a few months back too.

    I've already returned extra DVRs and dropped protection plan. Only thing left to do was to downgrade programming. That, I did in January. If this sounds familiar, I've posted that recently.

    What happened in February was a billing estimate that didn't match my bill. When retention couldn't offer any more discounts, I asked why the bill didn't meet the estimate given last month. Credit in difference was given in yet another credit to next month's bill. I could hang on until August but don't want the extended bill and don't expect offers to remain the same but keep diminishing. I doubt I stay beyond April.

    What's happening with my account right now is no offers come. The issue is temporary credits for downgrade and billing error retention is willing to credit. The bill, as adjusted, has been low enough to retain but has become a monthly callback. I get that it's still low and cannot be lower but doubt once those adjustments are gone, there's no more to replace the one like the $25 that rolled off without a renewal offer.

    Yes, I would leave because of a $25 bill increase. I only came back to DirecTV on a winback offer. It was only partially renewed last August. But there were other credits expiring last December and January that would determine my retention. My bill went up $25 in August. I won't accept another $25 bill increase so soon. Those increases alone amount to what I would pay in total to YTTV.

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  10. Xsabresx

    Xsabresx Icon

    Oct 8, 2007

    Shortly after the above I had a nightmare with a Genie Mini I got through Solid Signal (getting stuff through Solid Signal is a whole new level of convulted drama these days but that is a story for anothe thread)

    I called Rentention/Loyalty begging someone to help me as I was getting nowhere (hours upon hours of calls) getting this thing activated. They helped me get activated and gave me $30 off for 13 months. I wasnt even asking to be compensated. They offered.
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  11. peano

    peano Icon

    Feb 1, 2004
    I just got $40 off for 12 months. Premier.
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  12. DetIrish

    DetIrish New Member

    Nov 17, 2010
    Called to cancel yesterday. After being transferred to retention (who only offered a free Sports Pack) and then again to the “VIP department”, the best they could do was $56/credit/month, free NFL Sunday Ticket, and a $200 VISA gift card with a 12 month commitment. I took it.
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  13. bmetelsky

    bmetelsky Cool Member

    Feb 28, 2009
    That's a great deal!
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  14. JVK

    JVK New Member

    Aug 6, 2014
    Grand Rapids MI
    Discount of 60 bucks a month for the next 12 months. Xtra-standard package. Got the same offer for the previous year as well, it expired and they gave it to me again for the next 12 months.
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    kdb29127 New Member

    Dec 23, 2019
    Called 866-595-2871 last week and got $60 a month off for 12 months with no commitment. This is the third year in a row I have got this but it took 3 calls before I got it this year. I have the old total choice package.

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    BigCTM Cool Member

    Jul 31, 2007
    Just called and got $50 off for 12 months...Only took 5 minutes...We have Entertainment Package.
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    DMRI2006 Godfather

    Jun 13, 2006
    For you guys who are calling...are your current deals expired or are you doing it in advance of them dropping off?

    Also what's the best number to try?

    My discounts drop off in about a month and a half. Thanks!
  18. Mar 2, 2020 #2318 of 2834

    kdb29127 New Member

    Dec 23, 2019
    My discount just expired last week. I called 866-595-2871 and got $60 credit per month for 12 months. This is the third straight year I got this. Been a customer for 25 years

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    tomcat11 Mentor

    Aug 5, 2006
    Been with D* since 1997 and the bill just went up another $8.50 for my legacy package in February so inspired by you guys I just called and got $25 off for 12 months. Best they could do. I was told that because I changed my billing cycle (bills came late since ATT took over) that the system started over with any discounts/promotions? Said to call back in a couple months and maybe I could get another $15.

    Did I just renew my commitment?
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    jpray72 Cool Member

    Dec 10, 2011
    I just spoke to the Directv loyalty number. They answered the phone directly, asked what I needed. Told them my discounts had rolled off last December and wanted to see if I could get them reapplied. He checked and took $60 for 12 months no commitment. Took only a couple of minutes.
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