Anyone call DirecTV and reduce their bill? Share stats here!

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by oliversmall, Jul 13, 2013.

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    zdman Cool Member

    May 26, 2006
    My contract was up a while ago. I called and played dumb and asked if my contract was up so I could cancel with no charges. They said it was and asked why I would cancel. I said to get the Hopper and the remote iPad streaming. After some discussion I got the new Genie (HR44), the GenieGo2, and the NFL Red Zone for free including install. I probably should have held out for more, but I was happy and the person on the other end was very nice about the whole thing..
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    PrinceLH New Member

    Feb 18, 2003
    I was able to get the premiere package, with all of the Premiums for $116.00 for six months. Great deal. I wish that I could lock into that full time.
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    PHL Legend

    Jul 15, 2004
    I stopped reading this thread back in April or May when it seemed like most people were getting shot down. I'm a 10-year customer and I've gotten plenty of discounts and credits in the past, so it seemed like a case of all good things coming to an end.

    Regardless, I decided to call D* since I was about 30-60 days away from the end of my most recent contract.

    Usual routine. Said "Cancel" at the prompt, etc., etc. I got connected almost immediately. The people in the retention department now label themselves as "Resolution Specialists".

    Anyway, I was offered the following:
    • $20 / 12 months credit
    • $10 / 12 months credit -- Advanced DVR
    • $5 / 24 months credit
    No additional commitment for the above.

    Was also offered Sunday Ticket for free with 1-year commitment. I was about to pull the trigger when my cell phone dropped the call as I drove through a dead spot.

    Called back, got the same deal but was also given the following:
    • 12 months Showtime/TMC --- Automatically drops off. No need to cancel.
    • 6 months HD Extra Pack --- Automatically drops off. No need to cancel.
    Thought about it for a few minutes and accepted the offer. I don't need any new equipment right now, so I don't mind committing for another year. Maybe this time next year there will be some compelling new toys on offer.
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    wilbur_the_goose Hall Of Fame

    Aug 16, 2006
    My commitment ended, so I called. They gave me a commitment-free $25 off per month for a year.

    I could have gotten a Genie commitment-free, but they couldn't guarantee an HR-44, so I declined.
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    PHL Legend

    Jul 15, 2004
    Be careful about accepting equipment. Even if the rep says there is no commitment, I don't know if that is true.

    Generally, a new DVR/Genie will automatically trigger a two-year commitment unless you buy it for full price (~$500). I don't even think it's an option any more to buy an "owned" receiver.
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    acostapimps Hall Of Famer

    Nov 5, 2011
    Credits are just courtesy for being a loyal customer, so no commitment there
    On the other hand, accepting a upgrade Genie,HD DVR etc.. will trigger 24 months commitment, so the CSR was lying if they told you otherwise, unless it's a defective receiver for a replacement, than it's $20 plus tax for shipping, free with Protection Plan.
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    strongma New Member

    Sep 21, 2014
    San Diego, CA
    I just did this with DirecTV. We have been a customer for almost 3 years and basically have the highest plan you can get (premier) with the basic NFL Sunday Ticket and all premium channels (no porno stuff though). We have (1) Genie DVR box (HR-44), (2) regular DVR box's (HR-22) and (1) Samsung RVU client TV, so we basically have 4 boxes/devices. Our current contract is up in June of 2015 as it was extended when we moved.

    We currently pay $219 a month as most of our discounts have now expired. A few moments ago I called DirecTV to cancel and switch to COX. I was then offered a much better deal without extending or changing our current contract. Here's what we got:

    - Upgrade from NFL Sunday Ticket to the NFL Sunday Ticket MAX + upgrade. We were given 50% off this package.
    - $40 dollars off all premium channels for four months. We were told to call back after four months and we will likely be able to get another discount.
    - $20 dollars off our bill for 12 months.

    Our new bill is now down from $219 to $159 for the next four months and then $199 after that, though we should get another discount in four months when we call back.

    Hope this info helps!

    - One other note: We had an old Genie HR-34 that broke this past July (2014). It was replaced by a newer HR-44 under warranty (for free by a technician on site, we have the basic protection plan). According to the technician, allowing DirecTV to give us the newer box would NOT extend our contract, I also found this to be true when I read the fine print on DirecTV's website. Here's the rub.. our contract was extended. Luckily I caught this error and called DirecTV to fix the problem. It has been fixed (I didn't get any hassle). So... if you get an upgrade under warranty (protection plan) make sure that your contract is not accidentally extended.
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    Holydoc Legend

    Feb 17, 2008
    Panhandle, FL

    Thank you for your post. Our bill had a charge for Showtime (suppose to be free for 3 months) and our $10 HD credit had been removed. We called to actually cancel our service and was offered the same deal as you.

    These posts did actually help Directv keep a long time customer by correcting their error and compensating us.
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    nuspieds Legend

    Aug 9, 2008
    I called and told them that as a long-time customer (15 years) with Sunday Ticket Max and top programming package that I needed to have a discount.

    They gave me $15 off for the next 15 months.
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    mrro82 Legend

    Sep 11, 2012
    Astoria, OR
    We have the premier package and have credits that have run out and our bill would have gone up too around $185/month starting next month. I called 3 times over 3 days to get my bill down at least $50 or we would have to switch to U-verse or downgrade. The best they could do was $5 off HBO on one call and $5 off starz on another. Declined both and downgraded to ultimate. Pretty disappointed but looking back we got ST Max half off and a free genie go when we got our ST deal. I'll probably try again in a few months. I'll miss the series we watched on the movie channels but they aren't worth the extra $48 or so a month.

    I almost went to U-verse as the bundle with Internet would have saved us a bit of money the first year. Doing the math after that first year is how I got to the $50 mark I needed to trim from the DirecTV bill.

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    WestDC Well-Known Member

    Feb 9, 2008
    [SIZE=10.5pt]No matter What outfit you go with -you will always save money the first year - Then after that you are just another Sheep to be Shorn [/SIZE]
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    FlyingBoat Mentor

    Jul 15, 2010
    I have 3 HR24's, been with D* 4 yrs. So 2 years w/o commitment. I am on the Choice Extra Classic.

    I just called in and got
    ST - Free
    $5 off per month for 24 months.
    $100 Visa GC.

    So not much for discount, but I am only paying $91/month right now. Dish/Comcast looked to be more than that, and with this deal I will end up having ability to record 9 programs. Didn't really want to switch and have wife need to learn something new. I wanted ST, so this works out good enough.

    ST/Visa GC would have taken 12 month commit, of course with Genie it is 24 month. I think one of my HR24's is starting to go with the waiting to cool down message, so I am going to swap that one for the Genie and keep the other two.

    Edit: Installation today and I was able to get the guy to go back out to his truck to get an HR44 when at first he said he didn't have any. So glad for that! Had to get to the point where I said then I was going to reschedule and he said he was going to check if anyone else had one.

    Also decided to keep my 3rd HR24 instead of swap it. It costs me just $6/month more to keep it and leaves me with 11 recorders! Also allows me to setup slingbox out to a couple of my kids if I want to without tieing up a receiver.

    I also have the GTG which could be good enough to watch on my phone/ipad but doesn't sound like good enough quality to watch on remote TV.

    I am not sure I needed it but I started ProtPlan as well so I could have the HR24 replaced if it keeps acting up. Thought I might have needed it for the dish align as well, though it as well was likely covered in the genie install. The guy did need to do some work with wiring because I needed a 16SWM and needed to bring another wire into the house.
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    btedford New Member

    Mar 10, 2010
    I have had the Premier package for almost 2 years now and every time I call to drop it when credits expire they always give me more credits to lower it back down to where it was.
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    peters4n6 Legend

    Jun 19, 2007
    premier for many years, customer since 99. regular nba LP subscriber. Called for options to "lower bill"


    $20 off for 6 mos.
    $20 off for 12 mos.
    $5 off for 24 mo.
    nfl sunday ticket max -- free

    agreed to ONE year committment.

    only thing i asked for specifically was the "max" as they were only offering NFL ST without max. They said sure and added it.
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    yuengling25 New Member

    Oct 1, 2014
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Took this same approach earlier this morning. DirecTV subscriber for 3 years, premier package, sportspack, hd extra and the same equipment that was installed on the day I joined. I've been meaning to call about lowering my bill for a few months now (currently about $165 after taxes). And after taking a look at this thread, I figured it was finally time for my semi-regular "what have you done for me lately" check-in ;)

    Called and said "cancel" at the prompt route and was soon taken directly to a very polite and helpful woman in retention. Coyly asked about my contract period, and she confirmed that I am a free agent. Told her I was admittedly satisfied with the quality of programming, etc that I have with DirecTV but that we all could stand to look for ways to tighten our belts at times. She agreed and immediately said she would look for any and all discounts she could give me. Seriously, right off the bat, I was offered the following:
    • $15 off Premier package for 6 months
    • $5 off HBO for 6 months
    • $5 off Cinemax for 6 months
    • $10 off the Sportspack for 6 months
    • RedZone channel for free
    The RZ freebie triggered me to ask about the potential Sunday Ticket freebie that some here were able to get, but was only offered 50% off ST Max. I declined. Even with that small defeat, I was truly ready to leave it there and declare victory. After all, $35 off my bill for the next 6 months plus free RZ is pretty good, right? But then I expressed some casual curiosity about any current equipment upgrades that were available. Specifically, Genie + GenieGo... While she checked into it, she politely advised that any equipment upgrades would trigger a new 2-year contract. No big deal... I didn't really plan on leaving anyway. Ended up being offered a free upgrade of my current equipment (1 x H23-700 and 1 x H25-500) to the Genie and a Genie Mini. The cost of the Genie service will end up increasing the HD DVR end of my bill by about $5 a month, which ate into the original $35 I had just gained, but oh well. $30 off is still pretty good for a day's haul. Then I was told that because I was choosing to upgrade, the system kicked up two additional discounts:
    • $5 off Starz for 6 months
    • $5 off Show for 6 months
    Yes, I realize that the whole "our system shows more discounts because you've chosen to upgrade" thing is a total sales tactic, and I probably could have gotten them anyway with a little extra prodding, but so what... I was sick of only being able to record two shows at a time anyway and I am totally stoked about GenieGo. So, short story long, after about 25 minutes on the phone and not one threat of cancellation (other than at the prompt route), the Genie install is all set for next weekend and my bill will be $40 cheaper for the next 6 months. Oh yeah, and free RedZone channel. More flies with honey indeed :righton:
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    tomski35 AllStar

    Sep 7, 2007
    I called yesterday to say my bill had gotten s little high and serv what they could do for me. I mentioned I had free HD previously and that I didn't like paying for regional (NY) sports networks.

    I was told I had to pay for regional sports as its part of the extra c package I have. I suggested they include in the price of that package then. That went no where.

    They were able to give me &15 off per month for 15 months. I said thank you, I'll take it.

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    SPACEMAKER Freethinker

    Dec 11, 2007
    Mason, MI
    I've been doing the same thing for 7 years. I call every 15 months and tell them I really like the channels but I can't afford it. I tell them I need to cancel because my cable company is offering a bundle. I usually end up with $40 per month discount for 12 months. During the conversation I am sure to casually mention how much in going to miss DirecTV and the great CSR's. Works every time.

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    cypherx Hall Of Fame

    Aug 27, 2010
    PA - Berks...
    I have choice xtra with HBO/Sho, an HR24 and H24. All discounts expired so bill is like $142 and change and another $95 and change to the cable company or phone/internet. I called and said that it's really tight right now and I can save at least $40 a month going to a cable triple play or with Dish Hopper new customer deals. I was offered $50 off a month broken down like this:

    $5 off HBO and $5 off Showtime for 3 months
    $25 off Choice Xtra for a year
    $15 off for 2 years
    free Genie upgrade with new 2 year contract. I accepted and asked to replace my H24 with it.
    Thursday is the install date. Hope they have the HR44 or else I'm going I have to reschedule.
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    eldoubleu New Member

    Oct 7, 2014
    Northern VA
    Not sure what I did wrong, but....

    I've been able to get discounts in the past from DirecTV, been a subscriber for three years. My installation is on a boat, using the KVH tracking antenna system, so hardware upgrades aren't an option. Since I'm only at the boat on weekends during boating season, I've always made the case with customer service that the subscription is of limited value to me because of the limited time I am there to use it, and this has worked before. I have cable at home so I get online viewing thru them, including HBO GO, etc.

    Today I called DirecTV customer service because my bill went up $15 (a discount expired). I was transferred to another rep (retention, I assume) and assured by the csr they could help me with additional discounts. After the transfer, the retention rep basically offered me nothing. She said there were no discounts available presently. She even suggested I could downgrade my service (I have Choice now), upgrade online while visiting the boat, then downgrade again when I leave. This seemed quite odd to me, that the rep would even suggest this, not to mention the obvious inconvenience this would cause. Since we're coming up on the end of the boating season, I just cancelled the service ( I usually leave it active all year round as I spend some time on the boat over the winter). She made no effort to try and resolve my cost issue. I was overly pleasant, as I've spent many hours on the phone with DirecTV reps, so I know what works (you've never had fun 'til you've tried to activate an existing DirecTV installation on a boat.....). I ended the call by stating I couldn't believe DirecTV wasn't able to retain me as a customer over a small discount issue, and she didn't seem to care.

    I guess I will see what deals they are offering in the spring.
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    mrro82 Legend

    Sep 11, 2012
    Astoria, OR
    CSR roulette. I had similar this past month. Ended up downgrading. Oddly enough I called this past weekend to get the HBO Showtime deal they had in the website. Ended up getting that plus $5 off a month for a year and $5 off both for 6 months.

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