Anyone call DirecTV and reduce their bill? Share stats here!

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    They might, but you need to decide what you will accept before you call. They will try and shift you to a different programming level, sign you up for ATT phone service, drop a receiver, all sorts of things. It's all about value to you the consumer. I gave them a price, they refused, I walked. Pretty simple. Part of my decision was also based on I had already tested SlingTV which proved worthy. The other thing, any discounts that they offer you will eventually expire. I got tired of playing a game.
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    Do we have any idea as to why some customers receive good discounts and others are offered crumbs? It certainly does not appear that it is based on longevity with DTV. Could it be that subscribers who don't purchase the entertainment packages or the sports packages get passed over? I don't have these but my monthly bill is about $140 and they are now talking a measly discount of $20 per month. I used to have no trouble getting $60 and more. Who knows........
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    Called today and was offered nothing. They said they had no promotions going right now other than on premium movie channels. My $50/month credit just expired. Between cell phones and Directv, my new bill was $318. I've been with DirecTv since 1995 and yet they offered nothing. I'll either check with Dish or Charter or call back in a month to see if they have better offers. I was quite disappointed.
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    Aug 8, 2011
    I was ready to call once my bill reflected the new base rates this month. To my surprise, they have credits offsetting these increases automatically:

    01/23/18 Started credits for $7 off XTRA (all included).
    01/23/18 Started credits for RSN Price Guarantee Ends: 07/2018.

    RSN Price Guarantee Ends: 07/2018 -0.81

    This is new... they must be really hurting right now. They have NEVER proactively provided any type of discount in the past.
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    Mar 19, 2015
    They have always done this if you signed up for a New Customer Offer and they increase the rates mid-term their system will automatically apply Price Guarantee credits to the base package & RSN fee to keep your 1st year promo rate in effect until it expires. Once the New Customer Promo expires your package will go to the regular price then in effect.
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    Mar 19, 2015
    The thing is for Pay TV providers that do have discounts a common trend is during certain times of the year discounts would be less/non-existent during certain times of years. I've noticed with D* and more so when AT&T took them over is certain business quarters have more discounts available than others. It also depends on the market in your area and how competitive it is. You get more luck during Quarters 2 & 3 / Quarter 4 is a hit or miss / Quarter 1 is don't expect much. This kind of methodology also works for other providers like Dish, Comcast etc.

    Now these are not set in stone like in Dish's case where they are losing more customers than is normal/comfortable and they are not signing up enough new customers to offset the loss they may ramp up offers outside of the typical trends.

    Also with providers that have their own streaming services like Dish (Sling TV) & DirecTV (DirecTV Now) if signups for those services are going well they might not drastically shift their strategy since Sling TV & DirecTV Now subs are typically included with their parent company's traditional Pay TV service subscriber numbers.

    But here are just some general trends I have observed through various online forums:

    Quarter 1 / January - March / Providers offer less discounts during this period because it falls within the winter season and also due to price increase season.

    For DTV: If your just coming off a big discount (like a $50 off for 12 months) they may only have $20 off for 12 months or less/none available. Typically competitive markets (Were talking at least 4 or more traditional pay TV providers or a local cable company has gotten very aggressive) or customers who may not have had a big discount in a while *might* be eligible for a larger discount.

    For cable companies like Altice/Spectrum: forget it they won't offer anything and expect you to pay regular price

    Quarter 2 / April - June / Offers start to ramp back up during this quarter typically around the mid-way point since the summer season is coming up and most people at this point likes to start taking vacations around late May and tend to disconnect/suspend more.

    For DTV: Its possible if you were offered $20 off for 12 months (or less) last quarter and declined that the discount offer may have increased especially if you have been off a big discount for a few months by this point. In some cases the offer might be the same as last quarter or in few cases no offers might be available.

    Quarter 3 / July - September / This is considered a high churn season because people are taking vacations, suspend one home and go to another, etc. This is also typically the quarter where people will switch around providers the most.

    • Most Providers: Since the NFL Regular Season starts this quarter providers (except D*) typically start to offer discounted/free "sports tier" subscriptions during the NFL season for both new & existing customers as a way to lure D* subs over who just want the RedZone and keep existing subs from switching to D* for the free NFL Sunday Ticket Max package. U-Verse is the only exception to this and instead they may try to get the customer to migrate over to D* as a new customer if they want the Red Zone or NFL Sunday Ticket.
    • DirecTV (no other AT&T services): NFL Sunday Ticket offers typically begin to appear for D* around mid-to-late August. While in 2016 D* didn't offer a free standalone RedZone loyalty option in 2017 they brought it back. So who knows if the free RedZone will appear in 2018. If you had Free NFL Sunday Ticket in 2017 you most likely won't qualify for another Free NFL Sunday Ticket season back to back but they may have discounted NFL ST available.
    • DirecTV & AT&T Wireless (post paid w/smartphone): Customers who qualify for "Gold" as part of the AT&T Thanks (loyalty program) program might be eligible for a discounted NFL Sunday Ticket Max subscription.

      In 2016 & 2017 the offer was one time payment of $99.96 or a 4-pay installment plan @ $29.99/per installment. After the discounted season the NFL Sunday Ticket Basic plan will auto-renew unless you called to cancel prior to the start of the next season. In 2016 customers were required to call into D* and opt in. In 2017 they sent emails to eligible customers with a time period they had to respond and opt in via the email.
    • DirecTV/AT&T Internet (not DSL) & AT&T Wireless (post paid w/smartphone): Customers who are considered "Platinum" as part of AT&T Thanks (loyalty program) might get a complementary NFL Sunday Ticket Max subscription that does not auto-renew the following year at regular price. If you qualify AT&T typically sends out a letter or email.

      AT&T did this in 2016 and 2017 and customers who were eligible were notified by email and didn't have to do anything to opt into this offer.

    Quarter 4 / October - December / We have reached the end of the year and depending on the provider some will offer nothing, very little or want to finish the year out strong and will open up the discount pool.

    Typically with D* this is where they start to wind down but still have significant discounts (2017 however was an exception where they were giving bigger discounts out like candy in late November though December as long as you didn't have 2 existing discounts on the account in most cases)

    Hope this helps!
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    Dec 17, 2014
    I got a big discount during the 1st quarter of last year, which doesn't jibe with your analysis.
  8. techguy88

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    Mar 19, 2015
    Like I said its not set in stone and is a generalized trend of how the discount process works with most providers including D*.

    This generally holds true for most customers of any company but just like with the English language there are multiple exceptions to the rules.

    There will be some customers who call in that can get a big discount but for the most part companies like AT&T tend to stick to a certain pattern of when they have bigger offers versus smaller to no offers.

    There are several business factors that each Pay TV company uses to determine discounts especially in the 1st Quarter:
    - Competitive market: This can range from competitive cable companies or having more than the "traditional" three providers in your area (DirecTV, Dish and a cable company)
    - High Churn market: The company has identified your market as a high churn market due to price and people tend to disconnect for price alone. This is where streaming alternatives will be lumped in.
    - Test market: Companies like to try new things to see if they will work or not before rolling out nationwide.
    - Tenure & payment history: This impacts the offers you are eligible for. So if you have been with D* 3+ years and with great payment history this can increase what your eligible for especially if you are in a high churn or competitive market.
    - Commitment: Your out of an agreement and thus they will try to keep you more.
    - Multiple AT&T services: For D* since AT&T acquired them this has an impact on your offers. They make more money off you if you have multiple services so giving you a big discount outside of normal general trends won't hurt the bank.

    Adversely these will hurt your eligibility for discounts (applies to all quarters and all pay tv companies that give existing customers discounts):
    - Too many credits: If you have had too many one time credits plus discounts within a short period of time you might not be eligible for a big discount. This means the company hasn't made a profit from you and is trying to recoup costs. After your account has been one time credit free/discount free for a while (typically 3-6 months) it becomes eligible again as long as you are not in a new agreement.
    - Payment history: If you are consistently getting your services interrupted you might not be eligible for anything. A key thing here for D* is if you have no premiums and are not eligible for a 2 for 1 premium offer due to being interrupted every month within a 6 to 12 month period you most likely won't be eligible for a substantial discount regardless of market trends.
    - Commitment: You just started a new 12 or 24 month commitment and haven't even finished the first half of it.
    - Low churn market: Your market has been identified as a low churn market where even streaming/OTA isn't an option so if you have an active commitment discounts are typically less here.
  9. Feb 4, 2018 #1369 of 2763

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    Sep 22, 2007
    I think years of service, attitude with previous Rep's( they make a note in your file),payment history, cost of buisness(change out of equipment,service calls) and time of year all are in the equation.
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    Jun 3, 2006
    Yes cable companies tend to be extra competitive in areas where fiber is available .

    They tend to offer bigger discounts in those markets

    It seems like just about anyone with line of site can get D* Or E*

    But only select areas within a market can get FTTH.

    Also I agree on commitment,
    Feels like I had better deals before I signed up for 4k 2 year agreement . Now my promos are slim lol

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  11. Feb 5, 2018 #1371 of 2763

    grover517 AllStar

    Sep 29, 2007
    I called last week to simply find out when my current commitment ends (which is still 6 months away) and although the initial rep I spoke with could not provide that info (overseas call center?) and would have to forward me to someone else, he offered me a 38.00 off for 6 months in sports pack and movie channel discounts. Then after being transferred, the rep I spoke with next (US based rep in Idaho), gave me my commitment end date, mentioned that he saw my 38.00/mo discount and said "I can beat that"!. He then knocked off another 40.00 off a month for 12 months. I asked for neither discount but was offered them anyway. FIRST time that has ever happened in over 2 decades with D*.
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    Feb 16, 2015
    I see a lot of people suggesting that longevity helps you but I strongly disagree. I think it hurts you immensely. Once you've been with them 5 years or more, they assume that if you haven't switched yet, you won't so, they give you nothing. And it's usually a good gamble on their part as many people are creatures of habit and don't want to go through the hassle of switching.

    Other than my introductory deal in 2007, which was decent but not great, I only got one deal from DTV. When I upgraded to a Genie, I got $20 off a month for 12 months. That was it and that was four years ago. We had no discounts before that or since and we still get nothing when we call in. We have the second highest programming tier, the HD Extra Pack, and, until last September, we had HBO and Sunday Ticket for 10 years, both of whom we paid full price for. We're set to autopay so, we've never been late in payment or paid less than owed. Never. We apparently have SUCKER written in our customer files and so do many others. It's as simple as that.
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    May 17, 2010
    I've been with DIRECTV for 22+ years, have a excellent payment record, am out of contract and subscribe to Premier, HD Extra Pack, MLB and NFL Sunday Ticket Max. Have gotten NFL Sunday Ticket Max for $99.96 (four payments of $24.99) for the past two years. It's called CSR roulette.
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    Feb 9, 2008
    We were with DirecTV for close to 22 years, and the last 11 years with AT&T internet service and AT&T wireless for the family (total bill was $560 in late 2017 with $240 of that being DirecTV). With the January 2018 price increase, our monthly AT&T bill became more than half of our monthly mortgage payment and we decided it had to stop. After numerous calls to customer service and the cancellation line with no discounts offered, in late January we suspended our account. When I called to suspend, the CSR asked why we were suspending, I told her it got too expensive and we were testing out alternatives, all she said was "I understand". For the last three weeks we've been living with a Tivo Roamio, Tivo Mini and Playstation Vue streaming service with our Apple TVs and so far the family is fine with it. I ask the my wife and son at least once a week how it is going and the answer has been basically "fine". Our total monthly outlay for TV is now right at $80 with all movie channels (either via PS Vue or directly from the provider). The cost of the Tivos, swill be recouped in a couple of months and the rest is money in the bank.

    Don't get me wrong, I love DirecTV and would love to keep it, but the savings is huge. I really felt like I was going to miss it, but so far have not. Here is the funny part... When we first went to DirecTV, it was because our cable bill was too high (remember, back then it was DirecTV and USSB - there's a blast from the past!). I remember paying $180 for a Sony receiver and dish back then during a Black Friday sale and installed it myself. At that time, that was a big purchase with a new baby, but it was so much better and less expensive than cable. Now that baby is a senior in college and if you adjust our 2018 TV bill after cutting the cord to 1996 based on inflation, we're now paying about the same as we were when we first subscribed. Not too shabby.

    For all those getting discounts, that's awesome. For those that get shut out like me, life is good cutting the cord.
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    Aug 8, 2011
    If you're good with ATT coverage, you should look at Cricket. Could save another $100/mo depending how many lines you have.
  16. mjwagner

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    Oct 8, 2005
    I was right there with you, before DirecTV was even called DirecTV. I bought my first receiver and dish from the local HiFi store (they went out of business a LONG time ago) and also installed it myself. Thing was, back then they were not only cheaper than our local cable co but the picture quality was much better. And for a long time DirecTV was at the cutting edge of new technology. That is what got me here on these forums in the first place...”edgecutters”. Unfortunately as far as I can tell DirecTV has gotten fat and lazy. Technology is passing them by (you want the most 4k HDR and DV content? ...DirecTV ain’t where it’s at) just look at DirecTV Now, IMHO they are at the back of the OTT provider pack trying to play catch up. Their pricing has gotten ridiculous and they are price gouging their most loyal customers forcing them to call and beg for scraps every so many months just to get the price down to something they might be able to stomach. Maybe it all started to go south with them after the AT&T acquisition, I don’t know, but I think it started before that. Kind of sad really. I wish them well. I have moved on and honestly am glad I did. I like the cloud DVR with PSVue much better and NetFlix, Amazon, and VUDU are where it’s at for 4k streaming content.
  17. kocuba

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    Dec 29, 2006
    So I started with the chat option to see what they could do for me. Best he could do for me was to sign my phone number up to receive a text with offers in the next 15 days. So I called the 800-531-500 number and talked to "Joe." For the first two minutes I was unsure if I was talking to a real person or a computer reacting to my response. After 5 minutes with him and no luck I got transferred over to the Loyalty dept. With in the first 2 minutes I have an offer of $40 off for 12 months and a 12 month commitment. The commitment does not bother me so I took it and threw in the $5 a month savings for Auto Bill pay.
  18. cinaz

    cinaz New Member

    Feb 19, 2018
    11/6/2017 - Receiver constantly Pixelating
    -new receiver - free
    -30 day warranty - free
    -30 day protection plan - free
    -shipping waived
    Cancel protection plan by December 4, 2017 so we don't continue to be billed for it.
    Told I could cancel the protection plan the day after the work was done (if work needed to be done)

    11/9/2017 - New receiver pixelates
    Set service call for November 13.
    Had to reschedule as tech couldnt get to the dish with the trailor in the way
    Rescheduled to 11/20

    1. 45.00 taken off for 12 months – to 11/2018
      Dec Bill should be 61-62.00

    11/20/2017 - new service call
    Replaced dish and wiring. Couldnt find anything inside causing the problem. Told the pixelization is a known and ongoing issue.

    11/21/2017 I called and cancelled the Protection Plan

    12/18/2017 Bill has 99.00 fee for Protection Plan on it
    Asked to speak with a supervisor - name: xyza (siza)
    Ref # 218970765341
    Back office will call in 4-5 days
    Took another 30.00 a month of the bill til 12/17/2018
    Bill should now be 26.99 plus taxes and fees
    Told to pay only 55.87. Paid 55.87 on 12/18/17

    12/27/2017 Back Office never called. 99.00 is still on the bill
    Talked to Rocio (supervisor)
    Refused to remove the 99.00. Refused to escalate. Said we should not have been told we could cancel after the service. Said most he could do was take off 49.99
    So we needed now to pay 50.00

    12/28/2017 now the bill is 69.00
    Spoke with Ian
    Then to supervisor Jed
    Bill should be 19.01 per 12/27
    Supervisor escatlating again to Back Office.
    Says pay the 69.00
    Wait for reply from Back Office in 7-10 days

    2/13/18 Back office never called. Checking on that 99.00 fee.
    Also On demand and rewind no longer work.
    Cannot download to devices to watch from anywhere
    poke with Marge.
    The 99.00 fee - Marge tried to escalate it. Took forever so she went to her supervisor. Her supervisor overrode the system and approved the credit. It has been applied to the account.
    Confirmation #: R21-22717586066

    Bill is now -114.00 YAHOO!!! Gonna wind up with 3 months no bill.

    I reset the dvr before calling. Also ran the speed test. Speed test came back Instant Watching – 4K Result Code: 88-741.
    Tech support says because of that we have to wait 24 hours to see if it corrected it on its own. His supervisor will phone me 2/14/18 between 11am-1pm.

    Direct tv tech support phone about the rewind and streaming issues.
    Resolution: none
    Was told both issues are none, there are tickets for them and they are being worked on.
    “We just need to keep checking to see if they work”
  19. rjhseven

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    Jun 7, 2012
    ATT is the lowest of the low, the scum of the earth, the evilist one amongst evildoers. They billed me $700 for a FREE movers deal and deducted $700 from my bank account the next day. They then issued a credit for a smaller amount that should have been refunded immediately. That credit has been sitting in that old account since Dec 8th. They start a new account at my new address AFTER 3 MISSED appointments (with no courtesy calls or text to say they were not coming), my internet service was finally installed on Jan 5. They are ONLY OPTION in my subdivision.

    Today, l wake up and my computer was locked up like Carrie’s on last nights Homeland. “Pay me XXX ANOUNT OF MONEY TO GET YOUR INTERNET WORKING AGAIN”. Every link brought up the same message. I called the s** and they said the credit could not be used against the new account and I had to pay $160 for internet service even though the ATT Store who processed the order promised me Gigabit service for $30 per month as I was being treated as a new customer even though I have been with Directv 25 friggin years and ATT 2 years. I have that in store reps writing. I asked for a receipt at the store and she lied and said it would be emailed. It never was.

    I hate those bastards. I was transferred 4 times, took an hour and 45 minutes out of my day and the b**** who took my payment refused to unlock my internet to allow me to pay the money I didn’t owe. Thus I had to pay $5 fee and she refused to waive $5 phone payment fee. I have a 860 Fico credit score and have never been late with Direct Tv or ATT. I had looked on line at both accounts (they split them up even though the ATT processed the order as a bundle) and the internet account showed a $301 credit and said no payment due at this time. Directv account was due in two days-i paid $100 more than was quoted me in writing by ATT store. To top it off, the $301 credit should have been used to pay my bill of $160; she said probably another six to eight weeks I will get refund. So they have held the installation overcharge for possibly 17 weeks before I get a refund.

    I know this is long and most will just read a few lines and move on. But this is borderline illegal and surely unethical. Trump is at odds with ATT because they are trying to buy CNN. I hope he gives them hell, prevents the acquisition and causes ATT severe financial loss. For those who read this whole thing, what are your thoughts?
  20. Holydoc

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    Panhandle, FL
    I do feel bad for you and think it is almost criminal that they did not tell you those conditions. However you would probably be better off starting a new topic rather than posting here in a topic discussing how to save money.

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