Anyone else notice the insert in this months bill

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by invaliduser88, Mar 23, 2004.

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  1. Tornado25

    Tornado25 Mentor

    Mar 11, 2004

    Hmm. There you go. That eliminates the one and only problem I might have had with this. But the image of the check is your proof of what you wrote. Thanks, justalurker.​
  2. reedl

    reedl Mentor

    May 10, 2002
    I much prefer (as others have stated) to have everything billed to my AMEX card for multiple reasons:

    1) I get membership rewards. Every dollar results in 1 cent available for things like Home Depot, ToysRUs, and other store Giftcards. I can also use it for Free Airline trips if I want to. Why shouldn't I get something back for the money spent by me.

    2) AMEX is much much better than my bank when there is a problem charge on the account. I call them up, dispute the charge, and it is removed until the charge is either completely dismissed, or added back if it was a valid charge. They have been very good at removing the few invalid charges that have been made over the years.

    3) I can pay my AMEX card online via the internet from my checking account. This happens the next day when I submit the payment, so I can wait until the day before it is due to actually pay the amount from checking.

    4) The charge does not come through on the AMEX until the day it is due with E*, so I actually get an extra month to pay the amount.

    5) When I purchase equipment with my AMEX, it both doubles the warranty, and gives me 90 days of "purchase protection" which means that in the first 90 days if I drop/break/damage the item (even if the damage is not covered by any warranty), I will get reimbursed for the damage. This has paid for itself at least 5 times over with different items that I have purchased.

  3. lee635

    lee635 Hall Of Fame

    Apr 17, 2002
    Well I can't believe you guys aren't using those duplicate checks where you have a copy of what you wrote on your check.

    I was at a Wal Mart somewhere out of town and they did this with my check. I wrote the check and the clerk typed a few things in, then ran my check through a machine and handed it back to me.
  4. NoMoRumours

    NoMoRumours Mentor

    Jan 27, 2004

    I don't get my check back now.
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