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Anyone know where I can find this song

Discussion in 'The OT' started by -, Feb 11, 2002.

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    For the first 3 months after Sept 11 our local counrty music radio station played patriotic songs at the top of every hour after a CNN news brief. There was a song I really liked called 'Freedom Isn't Free' and its by the country band Ricochet. I just found out that Ricochets' record label cut that song from their new CD. Ive searced a dozen file sharing programs and nothing. If anyone has any idea where I could find that song please tell me it would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks
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    Wish I could help Steve, I to have downloaded alot of patriotic media since Sept 11. Best thing you can probably do is periodically do a search on any of your file sharing programs you might be using, weekends seem to be the best time. :)

    Good Luck
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    Just reporting no luck on Morpheus. Just keep trying is likely your only chance
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    Im happy to say I just downloaded the song Ive been looking so hard for. Id like to thank John Hodgson for giving me the info and where to find it and to all who tried. BTW, it was on the only major file sharing program I didnt try, Audio Galaxy.
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    I use Audio Galaxy all the time. I was going to check there but I guess you beat me to it. Anyway, glad you found the song!
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    BTW- the file info shows the MP3 ripped from a WTC Special Tribute CD, so Im happy to report its not a radio recording. :)
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