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Anyone out there use Morpheus

Discussion in 'Archive' started by -, Dec 23, 2001.

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    When you get the messege 'more sources needed' what does that mean. Well, I know what it means but why do you need more then one user inorder to download an MP3?

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    I was using Morpheus like mad until I exchanged my Starband 180 modem for a 360. Morpheus seems to refuse to work at all with the new modem. I think that when it says "more sources needed" it means that there are no sources available at the time to retrieve the file from and that the program will continue to search for more sources as people log on.
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    Did SB work with Napster? I remember reading somewhere, might have been DBSForums when the had the DBS Internet Forum that SB would not work with Napster. Morpheus is the best, IMO, file sharing programing currently out. I tried over 10 different programs since the demise of Napster, IMesh was alright, but they dont tell you the bitrate of the song, I could kinda estimate by the filesize if I knew how long the song was.

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    Starband worked quite well with Napster (at least for me) until they assumed room temperature. I agree with your opinion on Morpheus, it is currently the best out there. Not enough people know about it though, so the selection isn't quite up to Napster at it's best. I have probably downloaded over 2000 songs through the Napster and Morpheus days. I used to load a list of songs then go out and do my activities for the day and return to a completed task. Talk about "multitasking". I just hope that eventually they get the 360 so that it will work with Morpheus.
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    2000 songs :eek:
    I have 162 total, 150 from Napster and 12 form Morpheus, youve gotta love 56K :rolleyes:

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    Morpheus is the s**t man.... i have downloaded the following FULL games and full movies

    red alert2 -game
    zoolander -movie
    tribes2 -game
    castaway -movie
    sim city 3000 -game
    thousands of simpsons episodes -full episodes

    My friend has download thousands more of movies and full version games for freeeeeeee!!!!!


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    Im trudging along on DUN, so I cant use Morpheus to its full extent.


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