Apple Releases New Apple TV 4K

Discussion in 'Internet Streaming Services' started by b4pjoe, Apr 20, 2021.

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    I looked at this some more last night and finally stumbled across the right Google search that may have led me to an answer. I checked the local network permissions listed above and those were all selected (Although Chrome wasn't in the list). I flipped a few off/on just to toggle them and it didn't seem to make a difference. I then found another article that talked about people having the same issue and the number one answer was to check the Local Network stuff like above. However, burred down in the discussion, one of the things people suggested was going into the wireless connection and turning off the Private Address option. Once I did that, the videos that wouldn't play on the Roku with Facebook or Chrome suddenly started playing. The Sony TV also started showing up again in the list when I tried to play a video from Chrome. Lastly, when I went to YouTube and told it to cast the video, it sent the video to the YouTube app on the TV and not the Roku. I'll have to play with it more to see if this fixes it for good, but initially, it seems like my phone, IOS 14 and the Private Network wireless option don't play well with my Roku streaming stick.
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    I have one use case for a browser on a streaming device. Often when I travel I bring an older Firestick with me to hotels. Hotels often require you to go to their webpage to sign into their WiFi. Since the FS has a web browser, I can do that rather easily. It's almost impossible to do that with a device without a browser.
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    For anyone considering purchasing the new Apple TV 4K (with improved remote), be aware that you can get one free year of Apple TV+ if you activate it (or any other piece of major Apple hardware) by 6/30/21. If you activate on 7/1/21 or later, you only get three free months of Apple TV+. Pretty sure that if your Apple ID or any other ID associated with it via Family Sharing has already received a free year of Apple TV+ from a previous hardware purchase, you cannot get access the free year or three months offer. Once you activate the new hardware, you should see the 1 yr or 3-mo offer pop up for you in the Apple TV app. You have 90 days to then claim the offer and begin your Apple TV+ subscription.

    For anyone else who hasn't yet tried/subscribed to Apple TV+, you can get 4 free months via a free Target Circle account here. (Target Circle is Target's digital version of a shopper's savings card.) At that same link, Target is also offer a free 6-mo Apple Arcade trial, a free 4-mo Apple Music trial, and a free 4-mo iCloud storage trial. All offers are only open to new subscribers who have yet to try those services.
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