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  1. machavez00

    machavez00 Hall Of Fame

    Nov 2, 2006
    D* can solve this with one conference call to Elgato, Twonky and anyone else that wants to get onboard. Elagato has an excellent UPnP Mac soloution that is designed to work with the ILife suite. EyeConnect HAS the correct plugins and sees the HR20 as the HR20 in the device window pane, unlike Twonky, which sees it as a"generic media server." It list all available media in the GUI, music photos , and video(video is supposed to come in a later HR20 software rev), but we all know about the white noise for music result. I am sure the response wil be from D* is thatn they want to get ViiV working right before throwing something else in the mix, but at least let us know that they are going to work on it, not the response tibber got at CES:
    "Mac users with the HR20: Currently it is felt that MACs are supported thru the same tools that we at dbstalk have identified."
    Meaning: D* is not working an it, not what I was hoping to hear. I was hoping for: "we are aware of the issues Mac users are having and will address them in a future release.

    I have my old G4 400Mhz Power Mac(networked via netgear gigabit switch to my dual G4 and the HR20) hooked up via the RGB connect on my Sammy, but that is not a wife friendly solution. It would be if she were a techy but she is not. I have to turn it on(I can't leave it on, its inside the entertainment center), take out the keyboard etc. My wife is a "I just want to push a button" person, hence the Harmony remote. It was bad enough having to walk her through(many phone calls to work) to watch a dvd/video tape or listen to a cd. I can't image try to do so so she can show pictures to friends... you get the picture. She is not going to let me drop another $300 on an AppleTV let alone a Mac Mini. Besides, I am saving my pennies for an HD-HDD camcorder, then a new Mac Pro.

    Pardon me on this, but if Apple stuff is "over rated" then why is M$ so busy try to make windoze vista look and act like OS X?
    BTW Billy boy own quite a bit of Apple stock

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  2. slaz55

    slaz55 Legend

    Sep 22, 2006
    Honestly I believe they have implemented just Windows Media Connect which makes it none compatible with almost all media servers, thats why people using WMP11 are having success with it.
  3. macEarl

    macEarl Godfather

    Jan 1, 2007
    So long as Viiv and DLNA/UPnP are supported - both fully - we should (almost) all (Win/Mac/Linux) be OK.

    (Mac only) The EyeConnect experience, for those that haven't tried it, is AOK. It installs to system prefs and is preconfigured to do transcoding to LPCM. If you're already using EyeTV software EyeConnect serves up your captured video in addition to movies, pictures, music. (EyeTV - not be confused with "iTV" (now Apple TV) is used by virtually all TV-video PVR devices for the Mac.)

    EyeConnect is US$60 commercial; Twonky is US$20 shareware; those working without mods to anything need to have a system capable of most modern M$ products (from what I've read here), or in speculation some future Mac product.

    With that approach, no one gets left out, no one is locked into Intel only, iTunes only, or WMP/WMC only - and no one rides for free at the expense of others - not a bad compromise.

    Look at the useless Mac vs. Windows animosity. Here's how to sum it up: both sides are convinced that the other side is getting ripped off, and are either frustrated that "if only they knew... I want to help them" or "I give up, why can't the other side stop existing? I hate them!"
  4. machavez00

    machavez00 Hall Of Fame

    Nov 2, 2006
    That is all I want. The response from D* makes it sound like the Mac situation is taking care of itself when we need a little help from the D*side. D* needs to figure out why the HR20 is not playing the EyeConnect music stream. Perhaps once it is UPnP/DLNA certified (if ever)it will. Until then we will just have to hope D* gives us a sign that they are aware of it instead of:
    Until then we wait, and hope that, with apologies to the late great James Brown, that "Santa has a brand new HR20 software rev."
  5. hjplano

    hjplano Cool Member

    Nov 17, 2006
    Will iTV have slingbox functionality?
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