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Are they Fair?

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by Tyrate, Feb 24, 2006.

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  1. Tyrate

    Tyrate Cool Member

    Oct 5, 2005
    I’ve always been a fan of Directv and find them to be innovative company that at one point of time really cared about there customer and the service they provide to them. I been with DTV for probably 6 years now, when I brought my first house, the first thing I brought was a new HD-Directv system ($600). Directv promptly sent an installer to install my new system, the install was done so poorly that I had threaten them with a lawsuit when the DTV antenna fell off my roof because the installer didn’t properly seal it and wood around the antenna mount rotted away. It took me a year of fighting with DTV reps and filling out paperwork to collect on $250 the cost to fix the hole in my roof. Not to mention because the wood was slowly rotting away the antenna kept moving downward and I kept my losing signal, this went on for a little over a year. I had Directv installers come out on three different occasions to realign the antenna before the damn thing finally fell off. The problems were so erratic and came up so frequently that I finally caved in and got the DTV protection plan, which I now is believe is another worthless piece of paper offer to Directv customers. My dog chewed up one remote and my kid’s accidentally (supposedly!) drop one in the toilet. Neither incident apparently qualifies for free replacement under the protection plan. My Sammy HD box crap the bed, I get in return a old H10 refurbish box that doesn’t have the same features as the Samsung (ex..DVI connection, Games, better HD picture, better off-satellite HD reception, 3 separate inputs (antenna, cable, and satellite (which I happen to have all three in my house and I actually use all three signals) the H10 only has 2 inputs ( antenna and satellite))), I know some of you may say that’s petty but when you’re dropping $600 on a box and paying another 5.99 a month for the pasted three years to protect that box, you expect to get something as comparable or what I perceive as comparable but apparently not DTV. Just want what the protection plan mandated:

    “Advanced Product Replacement and Repair: At our option, We may repair or replace a remote control or receiver by utilizing shipping and delivery services at our expense. If We determine a replacement receiver is required We will ship a new or refurbished unit with comparable features to the location where You receive DIRECTV programming. We will also provide for return shipping of the defective unit. Should You fail to return the defective unit, charges for the unreturned unit would apply”.

    I also got down with that deal buy TIVO for $100 and turn in $100 rebate and the TIVO is free, Right! I got mines in early November turn in the rebate that same week. I called late January asking for an update on the rebate status, there response was; “we have no record of receiving your rebate, but our system have been slowed down from the over load of rebate requested.” So give us another 2 two weeks if you haven’t received it by then we will credit your account. I waited another month before called again (yesterday). Here was there response “We have no records of the rebate being submitted please resend and wait another 8 weeks and if you still haven’t received your check please give us a call.” Nice!! The rep also said she would be e-mailing me the rebate form again, I still haven’t received it. If any of you don’t believe me please feel free to search the forum for my name, I’ve been here about year or two and I’ve only made about six posts which all chronicle my misfortunate mishaps with DTV. Believe me when I say, I don’t consider myself a hard or difficult man to deal with, in fact I think that’s why my a** has been step all over by Directv. The prices keep going up and service keeps getting worse.

    Don’t get me wrong of course DTV has thrown there standard sorry for the inconvenience package at me (3 months of HBO for $2 and 6 months Showtime for free) but I’m lucky if I or should I say Showtime is lucky, if I watch 20 minutes of Showtime in a month, worse pay channel on the face of the earth it should always be free I don’t think it would improve there ratings any but they need to do something with that network they are crashing and burning a slow death. I’ve asked Directv to take there H10 back either replace it with another Samsung or credit me back $200 for the box and credit me $100 for the TIVO rebate and at the time they a had $200 rebate on there HD/HD TIVO receivers, you add it all together $500, the cost of HD TIVO box, so I asked them to send me one and we will call it square, I didn’t asked for any other free services, just that. There response was to have someone call me back and offer to sell me the same H10 box but new for $200 and they will send a rebate form for $200 and then a check will be sent out in 6 to 8 weeks upon reception of the form. What do you think I said? Anyway I’ve vented and I know it probably won’t help but my therapist will be proud of me!!

    Directv I’m really disappointed, Thanks for nothing!!!

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