AT&T will pull shows like 'Friends' from streaming rivals

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    "AT&T will pull shows like 'Friends' from streaming rivals
    It's betting that exclusivity will help WarnerMedia's service thrive."

    From a story here:

    AT&T will pull shows like 'Friends' from streaming rivals

    "AT&T chief Randall Stephenson said at a JPMorgan conference that the company "will be bringing" many of its media rights back in-house to put those shows on its own as yet unnamed service. The platform will be a "significant driver" for the company over the next few years with "tens of millions" of customers, Stephenson said, and it reportedly needs exclusives to make that happen."
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    This shows how the streaming market has matured and will become more vital to the corporate bottom line in the future. And, I’m afraid, it will also not be as friendly to the consumer’s wallet.
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    I had also read that NBC which is starting it's own streaming service (NBC+) would pull Friends and other NBC shows from streaming services. Soon streaming services will only have their own shows and everyone else will have their own network. So if we want to watch shows we will have to subscribe to 10 different streaming channels each having a limited content. Of course the costs won't be limited
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    Whoever wrote that article you read has no idea what they are talking about. NBCU doesn't own Friends or any of its distribution rights. Warner Brothers TV produced it and owns all the distribution rights.

    Networks don't own every show they had the first run rights to, the ownership and distribution rights belong to the studios who produced the show. So NBCU only owns the rights to the Universal Television and NBC Studios shows, and some other things that were previously acquired by those studios pre-merger.
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