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    I was asking what kind of problem he was having that lead him to call them in the first place.

    My thoughts - as sad as it is to say, the old D* as we knew it gone, AT&T is now in charge and there’s nothing we can do about it. For those that don’t like it, it might be time to move on.
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    Yup. You can always switch to dish and have a soft picture
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    In summary:
    My ATT Wireless Unlimited Plus plan us supposed to come with a $15 credit off of DirecTV (that I am getting exactly as a should) and Free HBO (that I am not getting). I was calling about the free HBO, which is supposed to come automatically with no action on my end.
    AT&T Unlimited Plus - Never pay data overages again.

    There is some underlying issue with my account -- it is an old account that was originally sold through Bell Atlantic in the late 90s. As such, it seems they have problems with it. My sports packages NEVER auto-renew, no matter what. Last year as a loyalty gesture they offered me Free HBO for 6 months. They actually added a second HBO, and then credited me for that one, but I still had to pay for the first HBO (yes 2 were on my account). The fixed that by just giving me a $100 bill credit or something, so there is something going on in my account. But they just want to pass the buck and no one wants to take any ownership of my issues. First person who told me the wrong thing said that I had to get free HBO through ATT WatchTV, which is true if you have the NEW ATT unlimited plan. My old one, per the link above, should get it with standard sat-based DirecTV. When I explain that (politely) I get "disconnected"
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    I just called the ATT line and the CSR told me that her computer is down for at least the next two or three hours. Never had that happen when the account was at D*.
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    I’ve had that happen even with the old DirecTV. I’d usually call 6-8 times a year, and once or twice there systems were updating and couldn’t do anything. It’s possible you’re experience was different.
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    Jul 14, 2007
    Called the ATT line again today for D* service and the CSR told me that her computer is down for at least the next two or three hours. Two days in a row? Glad I have Verizon for my cell phone it is a pleasure dealing with that company.
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    And yet I have called Verizon Wireless when their computers are down. :)
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    Honestly people try to blame everything on AT&T. If they called and after waiting on hold a half hour finally got a CSR who apologized and said "we're short staffed today because there was a blizzard and half the people here couldn't make it in to work" they'd blame the blizzard on AT&T!
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    Called the ATT line again today (sunday) for D* service and the recording said unusually heavy volume means long wait. I gave it 5 minutes but was unwilling to give it an hour which is likely.

    For two days in a row the computer was down. Now an exceptional event (a Sunday happens every week 52 weeks in the year). I guess staffing for demand is not in the ATT playbook.
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    Nov 19, 2010
    Damn it is snowing here. AT&T is at it again! :D

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