ATT TV Launch Date Same as Galaxy S20

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by DirectMan, Feb 3, 2020.

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    The Samsung Galaxy S20 (the successor to the S10) smartphone will launch on Tuesday February 11. Guess what - the largest US wireless telecommunications carrier's streaming offering ATT TV is scheduled to launch the same date according to CordcuttersNews. Do you think ATT might have had advanced notice of the Galaxy launch date and decided what they hell who cares let's launch the same date. Or is it just incompetence that has them launch on the same date as a major tech announcement. I know what I think.
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    I don't see what difference it makes, really.

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    If it launches on/around Feb. 11 I'm thinking it will be a coincidence however I wouldn't expect AT&T to pass up a potential cross-advertisement opportunity if the situation arises.

    Although if anyone ever reads the fine print on any offer page from AT&T (like D*, U-verse TV or even AT&T TV) the bit that says "This offer ends X/XX/XX" usually is a good indicator on potential days for when AT&T will pull something. Each time AT&T TV made a major change (i.e. expanding bundle credit to Internet & Wireless, adding more trial markets, etc.) was when the date for "this offer ends" hit and a new end date was set.

    Here is the current end date


    So AT&T rolling out AT&T TV nationally on 2/11/20 is not beyond the realm of possibilities. Plus that day falls on a Tuesday and businesses love to launch things on Tuesdays and they need to get this thing out before HBO Max so I'm saying the date in question is coincidental.

    However now they know when the Samsung Galaxy S20 will launch they may do something like "Watch your AT&T TV on your new Samsung Galaxy S20 all data free! Its Televisionary!" o_O
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    Why would they care? They aren't competing products, and it isn't as though Samsung announcements dominate the tech news like Apple's do.
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    Also, keep in mind that Feb. 11 is the date that recently showed up on at least some AT&T TV user's account as the point when their current package "ends". Here are the screenshots that were originally reported at Cord Cutters News:

    ATT-TV-screenshot1.jpg ATT-TV-screenshot2.jpg

    It's unclear, though, what the red text "Ends Feb. 11, 2020" means. Perhaps it only means that the offer to initially subscribe to the selected package (which appears to be Entertainment, based on the regular $93/mo price) ends on Feb. 11, which is what the fine-print disclosures you cited indicate.

    But Cord Cutters News reported that this is what *current* subscribers were seeing when they logged into their *account*, which seems correct given the UI in the screenshots. (Note the highlighted "Account" icon at the bottom.) So I'm not sure why AT&T would be notifying current customers about the end date of a new subscriber promotion that they've already locked in. Note that it separately states when the user's promo pricing for their current package expires. In this user's case, it's Jan. 11, 2021, suggested that they commenced service on Jan. 12, 2020 given that the current offer provides discounts for the first year of AT&T TV service.

    The alternative explanation is that this is telling that current subscriber that their Entertainment package will end on Feb. 11. And listed below it, under "What I Can Get," are the new Plus and Max packages. It's unclear whether additional options were presented under that header. Those are the only two shown here.

    But would AT&T actually just yank an existing package away from a current subscriber still under contract rather than simply grandfathering it? That seems unlikely to me too.
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    Does anyone care?

    I WANT MORE CowboySooner

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