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Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by -, Oct 15, 2001.

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    DISHPlayer owners, has firmware version 114 caused the blinkouts to return for you? (If you aren't sure or haven't seen them turn to Disney E channel 171 for 5 mins and you'll know - Disney E has them the most frequently (but other channels have them!). If yes, it would be appreciated if you would also post what channel numbers.
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    That should be Disney East Channel 172. 171 is Nickelodeon W and is fine...
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    From Admin: This thread has been moved here to the General Discussion forum for greater visibility. We'll probably move it back to the DP/501 forum when responses get light. I hope that everyone that has a DP responds...
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    I haven't experienced any of the blinkouts as reported by the "Bear". But for the last two days I have had a problem with recording the last few minutes of "Hart to Hart" on the Hallmark channel. I am away at work while it is recording, but yesterday and the day before at almost the very same time, the lending of the show pixellated very badly and then blanked out. I think it is too late in the year to attribute it to solar equinox interference, but I may be wrong. Anyone else have problems near noon (Pacific Standard Time) with Hallmark or other channels?
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    So far, it's exactly 50/50. That is about the same as last fall. Somehow I suspect that with 114 they actually DOWNGRADED the firmware and assigned it a higher version...
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    It's a shame you can't keep the DP seperated from the 501, as they are two different products with two completely differnt upgrade issues.
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    It turns out that I had a problem in my surge protector. I retract my "YES" vote.
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    The poll is now closed
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