Balancing my internet line from Comcast

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    My Comcast internet had gone out every afternoon due to outages for 4 days for about 4 hours. Finally, on Wednesday it went out again. What was interesting was I had all the correct lights on my cable modem but no data. I powered off everything and back on. I logged into my router and it had an error stating my ISP DHCP server was not operating correctly. Fed up, I called Comcast tech support. We went through the same power Off/On and finally the DHCP server showed as operating correctly. He told me it's better to power ON the modem and wait at least 5 minutes before starting the router.
    Now the fun part. I had up while on the phone. I pay for 250 Mbps. Speedtest was showing about 170 Mbps. The tech said my line was unbalanced. He started balancing the line and my speed shot up to 320 Mbps! He asid I could call anytime my line was dropping in speed and they would balance again. SUper!
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    I've been surprised by the customer service of Altice/Optimum. Much better since Altice took over. It is a pleasure to talk to CSRs that know what they are doing.


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